Big John Steals Djokovic’s Thunder


A little Tuesday morning gas:

Miami certainly showed the wide-open range of a 1000 draw when the last vestiges of real favorites go away.

Del Potro ran-out of gas (speaking of) and into Big John Isner who had over-the-top top form to go with the biggest serve on the tour. If he’s breaking you, you’re broke. Where did he get that efficient DTL backhand? That and his fearhand were too much (one FH was measured at 117mph – a forehand).

What we saw him do to Chung (and Cilic before that) was just the beginning. What a marvelous final for him to grind-out Sascha who looks to have his form.

John made a point of saying that when he has a little success in his doubles play, sometimes that sparks his singles. That was a nod to IW, where he and Sock took the title, beating the Bryans in that final, which I saw live. Great stuff!

Of course, all of this talk of Miami, of Isner, of Nadal reclaiming #1 from his hot tub, etc., perhaps we didn’t get quite clear enough on Djokovic’s continued demise. Not that the Agassi hire was a lock, but this just continues to go south for the Serb.

There are comments that Agassi doesn’t know how to coach, that he and Novak didn’t agree on things. All of this is hot-air (more gas). This is Novak rudderless in the high-seas of some kind of marriage/family chaos. Sure that’s none of our (my) business, but the sport of tennis is undermined, so yeah we do care and we have mounted a defense.

Where are you going?

2017 solidified the Fedal narrative. The thought that Djokovic, like his legendary tennis kin, would follow suit and roar back to competitiveness and perhaps #1 is becoming merely a dream or a case of bad gas. We will continue to monitor.

Remember our call to action. Send resources. Godspeed (I mean good luck), Novak.

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