Miami Vice


Well, we have our villain for this year’s episode of (The) Miami (Open) Vice. The plot goes like this: Novak Djokovic, the Serbian gentleman who has been on a mysterious journey to-and-fro who-the-fuck-knows, returns to Key Biscayne to find himself, finally, and perhaps entertain (allow his fans to at least) the thought of winning an unprecedented seven Miami titles (he and his coach both have six).

In the opening scene of the episode, he’s found belly-up in a lagoon. Indeed, the villain has struck again, echoing last week’s Indian Wells R64 collapse. So, who done it?

Last week, people were finger-pointing an innocent Japanese tennis player, Taro Daniel. Following a round of interrogations, Daniel was released and made it to Miami qualifiers this week where he went down to Kokkinakis; the suspicion must have rattled the poor guy. He’s innocent; leave him alone.

And although people are going to reach for Benoit Paire after his R64 mugging of Djokovic today in Miami, the smug Frenchman is actually fairly innocent, as well.

I watched 10 minutes of this match. Seeing that Djokovic was down a set, I rattled a computer to stream the crime scene: DOA.

Seriously though:

I said after his IW debacle, this is more or less on his team.

Let me take charge of the former world #1, I said half joking. These jokers (his team) are killing the Djoker. Should he even be on the ATP courts in this condition?

This isn’t funny anymore.

He looks ill, we said last week; and despite the Serb saying he is finally pain free, in preparation for Miami, he looks worse.

The camera cutting to his wife today, looking stylish and superior under the Miami sun, makes plain certainly at least an accomplice in the demise of Djokovic. There is something deeper and more tragic, seemingly, at work here. And this didn’t transpire today, nor last week.

Mcshow Blog has tracked this from mid-2016. We don’t take lightly the death-by-poison of a tennis great.

Sure there’s time to save the Serb, but we must act quickly, with a strategic plan and adequate resources. The villain is devious and loaded with cash, jealousy and who knows what else.

The situation is dire.

We’ve formed an office here at Mcshow Blog from which to focus our efforts in this fight for Nole: Djokovic-Headquarters-Fight-Eradication (DHFE).


4 thoughts on “Miami Vice

  1. dlima1987

    Nice article Matt.

    Do you see similarities between Djokovic and what happened to Wilander back in the late 80s?

    I thought Djokovic would come back strong, especially after a hopefull performance at the AO, but now I am really starting to question whether we will see him back..


    1. That’s perhaps not a bad call. Mats peaked in ’88 and then fell-off the face of the earth. And like Wilander, Djokovic has had to play so much great tennis to reach the top; perhaps it all took a toll.

      That’s been my argument all along. He has played so much big tennis. Going toe-to-toe with Nadal and Federer (but especially Nadal) were brutal affairs. And winning the French might have just completed the journey, so to speak.

      Good stuff, Dlima.


  2. Yeah the djokovic situation is a massive wtf. It’s just a bizarre sideshow now. In the main event great win for kokkinakis over a creaking federer. Chung and Coric couldn’t see it through. Delpo showed them how and now the kokk – who is much bigger talent than his ranking suggests – strikes a blow for the new generation. About time too. Also a great win for tiafoe against the mercurial edmund. And shapo on a bit of a run. Chung, coric and zverev in the mix. This tournament could give one of those an opportunity to make a big statement, or cement the credentials of delpo or cilic (have forgotten about that guy recently) as potential YE #1.


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