Mcshow Prediction!

Frances Tiafoe v Hyeon Chung tonight in Delray Beach Open QF action is a must-watch!

Prediction: match of the weekend. Ha ha.

Yes I have been derelict in my tennis writing duties; stop the madness!

Speaking of Americans, Fritz v Shapovalov is 3-3 1st set in another Delray Beach QF match.  Lots of March Masters Madness underway and we will have a say, but what say you!

Cheers and happy Friday to all of you hardworking tennis fans out there.

3 thoughts on “Mcshow Prediction!

  1. Great to see another youngster taking a big step. I haven’t seen that much of Tiafoe but he looks like another guy who could get forward and use the whole court a bit more. These kids (Chung, Tiafoe, Shapo, Rublev) all look like potential top 20 players but is there a slam contender there? I think Chung could be a big factor on clay. Zverev seems to have taken a step back. He has work to do. I’ve been assuming that at some stage we’ll see a transformation from lanky youth into broad shouldered man – like we saw with Delpo. And that will bring another dimension of power. If that happens zverev is still my pick as most promising youngster but if it doesn’t happen there are others who can overtake him.


    1. Clint, good stuff. Zverev is a bit of a mystery still.
      Two 1000s but can’t get past the R4 at a major.
      Not a fan of the size; Delpo seems the exception.

      Tiafoe is for real, but he’s too much base line.
      Rarely comes in. If he did, that would only help.

      These boys need to smell the coffee on style.


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