Federer is 36 and No. 1 in the World


Shit happens. What are all the legends of the sport saying on a day/night like today/tonight?

In the end, everyone, legends included, should say well done, old boy. Raise a pint or a flute.

If you know a bit about sport, especially higher stake games and matches, Federer checks all the boxes. The few he’s missed, back-in-the-day, succumbing to a more resilient Spaniard or Serb, for instance, have been seemingly redone, checked with that black Wilson “pen” of sorts that a bucket of tennis scribes might analogize concerning his Wimbledon or Melbourne poems.

The Rotterdam QF between Federer and Hasse got a bit of interest early before the Federer float spilled all over the bar and all the tennis lunatics licked all of that sugary slop off the top and went ahead and ordered some champagne!

I adore Hasse’s tennis. The aforementioned QF was fairly entertaining, obviously. The first set was solid in the rally though Federer’s serve had a bit to be desired.

First set: Fed’s FS 42%. His second serve maintained a 67%, keeping the match closer perhaps. Federer’s 0/3 BPs and Robin’s 1/1 proved to be a big difference. The Dutchman’s serve wasn’t that stellar (FS/66%, SS/45%).

I’ll leave you with just the 2nd set numbers: FS Fed went 70% in, 79% conversion, while Haase went 80% FS in, but only 42% conversion. Federer was dialed-in, ROS relentless.

How about this one: Fed’s 2nd serve: 80% success. Haase’s 0%! No shit, Sherlock.

But again I’m a fan of Haase’s tennis. Just clean indoor hard courts between guys who can play all-court, with class.  Bravo.

Remember Federer v Haase 2017 Toronto? That was SF, going 63 76(5) to the Swiss.

Nice to see another good old boy, Kohlschreiber, give the new world #1 a little scare in the R16. If you don’t know and appreciate Philipp’s event saavy, you’re late.

Elsewhere, Dimitrov is making money with a nice straight-set win over the tantrum that is Rublev. Well played, Grigor. He gets Goffin, recipient of a walkover from Berdych.

Let’s call a Federer v Dimitrov final?

Or does Roger drink too much champagne tonight and Goffin remind Dimitrov of his history of highs and lows?

Congrats to the Federer camp and planet. More massive stuff from the tennis giant.

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