You heard Federer is taking a Rotterdam WC, will presumably get the top seed, and have a shot at becoming world #1 by making the SF, needing only 156 points to surpass Nadal who has 300 points to defend a week after Rotterdam.

Federer and Nadal are more or less fighting over ATP scraps here and there to consolidate their bigger projects, in-turn juggle #1 and make a virtual mockery of the tour.

The confidence and self-esteem between these two (on top of their legendary form) seems just too much even in these twilight years of their careers. This was the story in 2017 and, obviously, the narrative continues.


The beat goes on. I will write about some of the business-end of this week’s ATP action later in the week.

And, yes, my Indian Wells tickets are en-route.

The other little (big) story I stumbled across was the death of one John Perry Barlow. RIP.

What a character. Given my own battles in life (many), I thought this a rather interesting attribution:

Principles of Adult Behavior


10 thoughts on “Federdam

  1. Caligula

    Here is a tennis quote from a known expert:

    “Of course they rigged things in favor of Federer. Him winning 20 slams is the wet dream of the capitalist organisers. Just one of the many reasons a GOAT can’t be determined. Federer having everything easy as usual.”

    Ponder about that one for a moment, or don’t.

    I have secretly infused Federer’s racquet with ancient roman steam-powered technology and I did it just to mess with some Novakian apologists….


    1. That is the rationale with the added DHFE. Remember that? Search that on my blog.

      Anyways, this goes back to my arguments last year that the collapse was historically critical for Novak. He should be sailing along with this added challenge of the ’17-’18 Fedal to really stoke the narratives and rivalries and H2H BS.

      Apparently Novak has had a procedure and will be back at IW. I hope he’s 100%, for his sake and the sport. He puts a lot on that elbow. Can’t believe he didn’t take care of that mess through out 2017.


      1. Caligula

        Apparently, he was afraid to get surgery, but what he personally is afraid of doesn’t matter. It’s what the world class physicians he employs have to say about it that matters. Had he done the procedure sooner, there might have been more action at the top end. But as we know Novak can be “slow” to catch up…. on some surfaces!


      2. Re: Novak’s comeback. I don’t think Fedal is his biggest challenge. Chung, et al have proven that a tennis made-up of high-end fitness and penetrating ground strokes is in mass production. Trying to hit through guys into your 30s will be a difficult proposition.

        And, no, Novak is not a S&V athlete.


      3. Caligula

        @Mattus Maximus. I agree fully with that statement, youth was a key component of Slowak’s success, as it was for Nadal, Murray et al. Given the right proportions of height, weight, strength and age we will see many potent baseline grinders in the near future, It will be an uphill battle for the Serb no doubt about it! But now that battle is made even more futile as I have infused roman (patent pending) steam-powered serve accelerator code named “Oomph” technology into Fed’s racquet….

        My sincerest apologies to the fangirls!


      4. Nice to see that the mad genius has returned.

        Post approaching over the weekend re: style, the golden age. . . .

        “Oomph” . . . Lol.


  2. Poor Ru-an…..He never be MAN enough 2 admit he bailed on Federe because he thought he was washed up. Now he feels compelled 2 Back Novak until he’s washed up because that way he’ll never have to admit 2 all the “Awful” Fedfans that he was wrong….Even though we would prob forgive his Wishy Washy, Flip Flopping Ass!!!!!


    1. Ha ha. Seems to be the case, Tony.
      He would sound so much more credible to acknowledge his oversight.
      His words and sentiments are standard Novak fangirl hysteria.
      I say fangirl because there seems to be a lot of diehard Djokovic fans of the female variety.
      I don’t come across many male Djoker cheerleaders. Seems odd, actually.

      Thanks for the comment!


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