Germany v Australia DC

Sascha Zverev v De Minaur is underway. . .

Please note: I am going to most likely make my blog “private” in the next day or two, which simply means that one must follow or register to gain access. Why? Because this really is my social media and having people subscribe to or “follow” the blog to gain access helps me gauge interest. I don’t have a Facebook account, nor do I really want one. Encouraging people to follow has its obvious reasons and benefits.

My AO coverage and commentary continued the blog’s solid daily traffic, but there was certainly a bigger bump (interest!) during this last major, which is usually the case with majors. I am encouraged and want to try a few things (as I have talked about quite a bit, but work and life tend to take-up a lot of that energy, and I am obviously not the most tech savvy bloke on the block).

Thanks for understanding; I trust you agree that this is a pretty active site, especially when it counts, for the active and interested ATP fan.

I love maintaining this blog. I just want a better idea of how many people dig it as much as I do. 😀

I can always move it back to public, so call this an experiment.

This a heads-up.

Zverev was 5-2 in the first with De Minaur to serve. Now it’s 5-5. This kid is a baller!

Thanks again for reading.

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