The Return of Djokovic



I have been looking forward to addressing his return as a first post back, as a welcomed sight of a tennis great the tour badly needs, as a handy framework with which to preview 2018.

Perfect timing, Mubadala exhibition, pre – Doha, Auckland and Brisbane tennis.

The news of Novak’s continued elbow soreness is ominous.

None the less, the return of Mcshow has commenced.

Lots to talk about, indeed.

Everyone’s hurt, without a former (great) coach, or unproven.

Other than Federer, 36 years young.

Memo to self: next post a wrap on 2017 and a preview of 2018, which should be two posts at least, but in typical classic Mcshow fashion, we’ll have a big go at these big narratives, newsy notes and other inadvertent reflections of the ATP.

10 thoughts on “The Return of Djokovic

  1. Caligula

    Praise the tennis gods, for the return of… Mcshow blog. Who is this Jokovic guy again?! 😛

    Joking aside, happy new year Matt! May the coming men’s tennis season hold many great matches for us to enjoy and talk about.


    1. TB – The young Aussie does have game.
      Keep your eyes on Kooyong, where there’s a “race to fitness”
      going on between a couple of good pals. 😉


  2. Tarik

    Nice write up as usual! Looking forward 2 sum insightful thought provoking commentary from u in 2018! Can’t wait!


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