Final Thoughts on the Semifinals

Goffin looked quite good in taking care of business against an overwhelmed, or concave Thiem (happy off-season, Dom: good luck in the off-season, working-on better court position). Goffin’s ability to find such different angles looks positively poised to play in the ATP Finals SF. Federer should overtake the Belgian, but stranger things have happened.

Hearing that Federer took a day off between matches and people are suspecting injury is ripe gossip. But for a 36 year-old, who in the hell knows.

Federer should proceed 4 and 4.

Dimitrov looks on fire. Stepping around short balls, hitting 127mph solid on that FS and quick to back-it-up appears devastating. He should be opportunistic. The question is will he shine under the bigger lights.

If he doesn’t beat Sock, and I am not certain of Grigor at all given his past, no one should be shocked. He should beat Sock given the parade of glory from this all-court artisan. He needs big results. Enough is enough.

A Federer v Dimitrov final is the call, but Sock upsetting the fragile Bulgarian wouldn’t surprise anyone.

4 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on the Semifinals

  1. Duarte

    Dimitrov needs a big title defeating a top player, this is his chance..if he beats Roger in the final, it could be a career changing win, the same way Wawrinka overcame Djokovic in that epic AO 2014 QF and turned his career can only hope, the talent and physical ability are there


    1. Matt

      I agree. He does have to get to the final, but unlike my feelings about Sock v Sascha, I think Sock’s run ends here. Dimitrov, though flexing his muscles against the likes of Goffin-post-Nadal, and Thiem/Busta, looks more like the 2017 Brisbane/Melbourne form.

      A Federer v Dimitrov final, both playing with their A-game, could be quite a spectacle.

      But both have work to do. Something tells me Federer doesn’t have as easy a win v Goffin as many think.


      1. Utsav

        Federer doesn’t have an easy win against Goffin on this surface – normally. The caveat though is that the Belgian is exhausted.


  2. Utsav

    Well well well…congrats to Goffin…well played! Federer could’ve / should’ve played better. Guess he got complacent.

    The gods have spoken…we will have a new champion! (might be our boy Grigor’s year)


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