PSA for the Clown Show

I could’ve made this a comment in my last post. But I wanted to string this out.

And, sorry: blame the fanboy/girl contingent for this post, which bumps my Nadalism post to tomorrow.

To the guy coming at me for my previous post about the WTF and the rest of you just like him or her:

First of all, I probably need to clarify this in my “What is Mcshow Blog” page, so when you stumble-upon the discussion over here, you don’t respond and sound like a fruit-cake (meaning you’re an overly-produced crap side-dish or dessert, with that artificially shallow flavor-sweetness that makes you just an overly and traditionally corrupt confectionery).

If this were a betting site or a Fedfan blog, those of you who subscribe to that kind of banter, looking to make money or greasing and licking each other like sick fools, might indeed be looking for me to say that the Swiss gentleman is the favorite in London (and again why aren’t you at some kind of fanblog/betting site with your narrow, child-like sensibility seeking the echo-chamber so you can snuggle-up and sip the kool-aide as whomever maintains that preaching-to-the-choir propaganda tells you exactly what you want to hear?). Of course he’s the favorite. Federer should, by most accounts, win the 2017 WTF.

For two reasons, however, you are a clown:

  1. If you read my blog and think I’m looking for Federer to fail, step away from the computer/dumb phone and go for long walk. This is not a fanblog and you are not a real tennis fan. You’re a fanatic.
  2. This world in which we have to call each other neighbors has become smaller and smaller and more and more agitated. People like you, who foolishly swing from the top branch in your Tarzan outfit declaring your devotion to some player or ideology, at the expense of common sense and healthy dialogue, have become more and more of a problem, obviously. STFUP. You’re the guy/gal who waves a banner and screams “Let’s gooooooooo!” with your hero(ine) up 5-1 in the third, on serve, with 3 MPs. You’re a clown.

At Mcshow Blog, we read the tea-leaves. We go out on a limb. We like to add inference to conjecture to big-picture macro-analysis that might stumble into prescience. If I can reach it, when I’m out there on a limb, I’ll gladly cut that top branch from which you’re dangling. You look and sound like a clown. This is not a clown show here @ Mcshow Blog dot com.

Sorry to be so harsh, but this kind of approach to discourse is so out-of-touch with what we do here and what is happening in the world.

And besides: that kind of read on my position on Federer requires some reading instruction, perhaps first and foremost. That’s not what we do here.

If you don’t understand what you’re reading, seeing, or experiencing, how in the world can you expect to be taken seriously?

Just a little PSA.

5 thoughts on “PSA for the Clown Show

  1. Radu

    1. Such low level normaly would need no response.
    2.Still,for the sake of long time reading your blog,I will tell that,in my opinion,bloging should be about trying to bring a personal,special angle on events in the tennis world simultaniously remaining equidistant and truthfull. This blog has been that for a long time,not any more.
    3.Let us enjou tennis without controverse,we will have time and occasion for that after Fed retires.


    1. Matt

      “bloging should be about trying to bring a personal, special angle on events in the tennis world simultaniously remaining equidistant and truthful.”



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