I Juan You to Cheer for Del Potro


Folks, a post is coming later today/tonight to get us caught-up. The boys have been in full flight since, after all, London’s Calling . . . “to the faraway towns / Now war is declared and battle come down. . .”

That intertext was a no-brainer.

Do you Juan to know another no-brainer?

Root for the Argentine!  Or I rescind your Mcshow membership (whatever that means).

We need DPo in London, which is about as likely as me getting a writing staff together to avoid these unfortunate lapses in Mcshow Blog content creation. Despite my proposal, all is quiet on the western/eastern/middle eastern/far eastern/southern hemisphere front.

Your patience, then, is much appreciated.

Talk to you later today/tonight PST.

8 thoughts on “I Juan You to Cheer for Del Potro

  1. Incondite

    DelPo has long been one of my favorite players. He is a true gentleman who fights with the heart of a lion. And if not for medical issues, he would surely be on the board with more slam wins – and of course he beat Roger in the Basel finals twice.

    Yes, we definitely want to see him play in London! And I think that means rooting for Pablo Carreno Busta to lose…


  2. Dani

    Going against the grain here, but meh, not a fan. Another one of these big, heavy fellas who can really clobber their serve/FH. Prime example of baseline bashing with little to no variety. Of course he can blast them harder than most and despite looking clumsy and heavy on his feet, he isn’t the worst of movers, but still – boring and ugly to me.

    That being said – can’t argue with his success.

    But will never understand why he is so popular. Maybe the “pity”-factor? Or because many love that kind kind of onedimensional power tennis?


    1. Matt

      Ha ha. Of course, I haven’t written my follow-up, which will add rationale to this sentiment (root for Juan), but I’ll say my biggest motive is to solidify the London field.
      Where do you fall? A Novak fan, Nadal? I forget.

      Del Potro’s generosity and fight eclipse any discussion of style. He’s a beast with a smile and one of the only “other” players who can sit at the same table as all of these Legends.
      Plus, the Fear Hand. . .


      1. Dani

        Cheers. I enjoy watching players who can take the ball on the rise regularly, absorb power and redirect, who have smooth strokes, fluid movement and a wide range of shotmaking. Bonus points for no grunting and time wasting.

        In terms of the Big3: Federer > Djokovic > Nadal


      2. Matt

        “I enjoy watching players who can take the ball on the rise regularly, absorb power and redirect, who have smooth strokes, fluid movement and a wide range of shotmaking.”

        Pretty broad description.

        Time wasting? I see where you’re going.

        Perhaps you might say you like an offensive, all-court style. I agree with that.

        To each his/her own.


  3. wilfried

    Talking about Juan-Martin Del Potro, I’m already looking forward to / speculating about the composition of the upcoming Paris draw.
    Del Potro has to go deep in Paris if he wants to qualify for London, whilst at the same time David Goffin and Pablo Carreno Busta, who are currently in a better position to qualify for that prestigious event, may not (be allowed to) go too deep in Paris.
    Best for Del Potro would be then to find himself drawn in the same section / bracquet of the draw with both of these palyers and be able to eliminate them early in that event (in the third round), but the drawing system will only allow him to face only one of them early on his road.
    I doubt Del Potro will be drawn in the same bracquet with Goffin, because Goffin will probably find himself in a section with Tsonga and/or Pouille, as the French tennis authorities absolutely want to let at least one of their top players play Goffin prior to the Davis Cup final, in order to have better chances to win that Cup.
    However J-M. Del Potro could well be in the same section with Pablo Carreno Busta.
    We’ll soon find out.


    1. Matt

      Wilfried, great stuff. I am rooting for your countryman, of course. The 2017 WTF will be as good or better than last year’s; Del Potro would only add depth.
      Nice insight on DC influence of an ATP draw.

      By the way, when I had guest writers in mind (when I wrote that Call for Writers post), you were certainly at the top of the list. Cheers.


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