Nadal v Kyrgios

Sure this has appeal.

Obi-Wan Kenobi against the evil empire.

The Kyrgios v Zverev SF today was pretty predictable. Kyrgios is just a better, more experienced player. The serve alone gives him all kinds of access to The Force.

He’s the rebellion’s only hope.

Federer (I mean the Emperor) has gotten the better of the 22 year-old as of late (Miami and that Laver Cup final that brought tears to the apprentice).

Let’s see how Darth Rafa holds-up.

If my Star Wars analogy isn’t quite working, don’t care.
Just trying to create a little interest in this almost meaninglessness.

Did you catch the Zverev v Rublev match. Zverev vs his mini me. That analogy works pretty well, actually. Dimitrov going away 1-6 in the third. Ha ha ha. I lost a lot of money
on that early 2017 Grigor stock. I bought before Brisbane based off of coaching and late 2016 match data. The guy surged in 2017 and then shit his shorts. What a mess. I’m being redundant.

To be clear, however, a Kyrgios win tomorrow would be bold, significant.
Because, again, he’s our only hope.

Yeah, you guessed it: Yoda Novak is.


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