Utter Shambles II

Just to clarify in case one thinks that I’m just burned-out on the tennis, the U.S. Open wore me out, or whathaveyou: the meaninglessness of the play in the far east or the tour in general comes down to the firm establishment of #1 and #2 in the world, their separation from the rest of the tour, and Nadal’s separation from the ailing Federer; AND the refusal of any of these younger players to, at least up to now, forge any semblance, even a whiff, of championship class.

The results this year at the majors (and Masters for that matter) have suffocated the tour. The “lost generation” or “lost boys” might not be an accurate enough description of the failures piling-up upon our youth (remember my optimistic ATP youth post? I can admit my failures – that was a blogger, blogging to blog for the sake of his blog. Sorry to have bothered you with that).

Sure Federer ruined tennis.  But that was coined/written when the insight was fresh, in 2016; I had developed an ironic twist on the popular tennis narrative in which I could frame some far-sighted and far-reaching commentary; though I certainly wasn’t (nor will I in the future) planning on rendering the analysis a mere platitude.

But 2017, he and pal, arch-nemesis, Nadal have taken full advantage of the Djokeray meltdown, turning the tour into a tennis clinic (to be clear, the Australian Open was the highlight of this 2017 parade, the last three majors marred by the predictability and death of whatever was left of a challenge to this historic bulldozing of ATP hopes and dreams).

Trying to even fathom an “educated guess” at the future of the ATP seems totally unfounded, especially with Fedal’s giant ass crippling our view, so to speak.

Sascha? Maybe too tall but a deep run at a major wouldn’t hurt his stock (he hasn’t been past the 4R of a major).

Thiem? I beliem in the Dom, but he’s still unproven, also a major fourth rounder.

Kyrgios? Has the best game, the highest ceiling, but we know he’s still a meltdown or tank away from the dumpster. He’s reached two major QF. Again, he’s my only hope (pretty much as science fiction as it gets here: Kyrgios is Obi-Wan Kenobi).

I’m done even adding to my list. There are other good players, but we seem years and years away from any legitimate challenge to the top of the tour.

And Djokovic is coming. Andy and Stan, too, but Nole is, I’m suspecting, coming hard. Good luck to the future of the tour as these older legends play keep-away like a bully gang on a playground in your nightmares of the future of the sport.


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