Utter Shambles

Don’t have a lot of time these days, nor do I have a lot of interest in the play of a men’s tour that is in utter shambles. I’m not even necessarily talking about the injuries. That’s a different discussion, though it’s certainly related.

Case in point of the meaninglessness of matches being played in Japan and China:
Dimitrov v Del Potro. My goodness that sounds like an appetizing affair. Unfortunately, Dimitrov’s continued garbage play, displayed most recently at the U.S. Open, makes that a meaningless match. Del Potro will always echo what-could-have-been, but seen as a whole, that match does nothing to my calendar; couldn’t care less.

The remaining Masters and the WTF will hold some interest, but to reference a larger theme I’ve followed and will certainly continue to write about DLT: this year has been buggered by the Fedal circus. Ransacked. Trashed by those two graying legends. It’s fantastic on one level, embarrassing on another. Embarrassing you ask?

Yeah. Embarrassing.

What would you suggest I write about?

Back to your regularly read tennis journalism, which, too, is embarrassing. That a blog like mine is not more viable in this market of soft media garbage. . . Lol.

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