Federer Ruined (Djokovic to Save) Tennis

There really isn’t anything to say at this point about the tour currently other than it’s a trash heap. The post-U.S. Open ATP play has been so underwhelming that it seems worthless to even have a tennis blog.

24cb22419778ae515c932c6878fd96abSure the Laver Cup was interesting, especially the optics, watching Fedal play doubles, watching the players from both sides cheer-on matches, the emotion, the team work, all of that pretty interesting. The Federer v Kyrgios was a good match. I missed the Isner v Thiem tilt, but that seemed to have some solid drama.

Fedal has decimated the tour. Sucked the air out of the building. The tennis at this point just seems so minor key. Who won in St. Petersburg and in Metz? Just a drop-off of massive proportion.

Chengdu this week screams mediocre, if that.

Shenzen is equally as poor; Goffin, for the love of tennis, add that 250 to your case.

I’ll probably be doing all kinds of weird shit on this blog for the time being.

The only intrigue left is if Nadal can finally win a WTF. Roger’s case has been made this year, this career. Nadal’s too, but that USO crown was tough to stomach and even Toni agrees with me.

My blog’s claim to fame should be the consistent coverage and intelligent angles I can take when analyzing the sport. But it’ll likely be my HRFRT book when I finally get around to writing the Ebook version and selling it to whomever is around to enjoy that analysis (to sell or not to sell).

HRFRT is already a genius concept, hatched in 2016, at what seemed the end of Federer and Nadal, in the wake of Djokovic’s run.

Think of what 2017 Fedal does to my thesis. Good heavens I bought nice and early on that rising stock, so to speak. That’s when you know you know a few things, folks. You know what I mean? No?

Remember, there’s a part of that book that entails the monsters Federer created that helps support the thesis: the ruination of the sport. Federer created two monsters: Nadal and Djokovic. I wrote the rough draft of the Nadal chapter. I have yet to write about Djokovic’s significance other than he is a product of Federer’s ruination.

But see there’s more to the Djokovic story.

Federer ruined tennis.

Djokovic saved tennis. That’s part of that history that I’d planned to write last year. He’d already saved the sport despite being found guilty as well in association with Fedegeddon. But there always has been more to Djokovic. Even this year adds to this Djoker significance. I might’ve lost you. Stick around.

Almost anything worthy of analysis and conversation is rife with paradox. Put that in your pipe.

As we turn to the end of times here in 2017, we need Djokovic to save the sport again.

I know this only means the Djokerfan will ring louder in our ears. But be fair. Think of the nightmare they’ve had to endure in 2017, with that Laver Cup as a version of some kind of climactic tennis pornography for the Fedal fan bases and anyone else vaguely familiar with the sport.

Indeed, as Nike takes a hit from this college basketball scandal set to disrupt that sport and hopefully many others with the obvious corrupt role that big corporate dollars play, this global shoe and apparel monster can probably sleep quite well at night in light of 2017 Fedal.

I don’t want to overlook the roles that Murray and Wawrinka, along with some lost generation boys, will play upon healthy returns to the tour in 2018; but Djokovic’s top form is needed again, badly.

If you disagree, you’re a fanboy. Which makes you pretty normal, I’m afraid. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m the weird one (other than my skepticism of Nadal – oh yeah, I have to write that wrap on the 2017 USO!). Speaking of paradox, as critical as I have been of Nadal, even I had to enjoy his role in Europe’s LC win. Guilty.

Yeah, as I write this little putzy post, I see the need to keep her going.


3 thoughts on “Federer Ruined (Djokovic to Save) Tennis

  1. Caligula

    That picture of Nadal is just… ravishing!

    With Fedal dominating we have some blogging idiots who are seemingly calling it quits with their beloved Djoker out of the mix for the time being, at least that can be looked upon as a positive, right?

    Regarding Djokovic having to save tennis, I don’t quite look at it that way. For me a 2-man race, heck even a 3-man race is boring, when one or two of them is off the remaining ones take everything that isn’t nailed to the floor, it is just tragic to say the least (Slovak’s 2014-(first half)16 run is a perfect example tournament shopping spree galore without any credit card limit). Ideally, we would want the young boys to step up while veterans such as Wawrinka, Murray, del Po et al. keep their glutuses maximuses in tight condition!

    Having the Serb be looked upon as some kind of saviour is my idea of a sick joke, but at the same time a brilliant one. Let’s take in the Novak contingency left over from the other dying blog, to that end I promise not to wipe them out, as refuges they will be shown leniency, for the time being…


    1. Matt

      Wait you must for my clarification. I sense some resistance on the horizon from you, but the exchange will do us good, as all great battles inspire, teach, punish and purify.

      And your mere mention of the common folk is almost disturbing. This war of the world will bring the sport to its end. Hide the country club folk. The 2018 bloodshed will be tennis’ category (big) 3, an apocalyptic storm of fuzzy balls and atomic rackets, war waged by the kings. Stan, Andy, Nick, and Sascha have tentative front-row seats, but even they may only get wet.


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