Dimitrov v Kyrgios – Late Preview

The popular opinion out there is that Kyrgios should take care of Dimitrov, perhaps even comfortably. Kyrgios engaged is a scary opponent for anyone. On the other hand, years of Dimitrov lost in the hinterlands of the ATP tour bring most to the tennis audience to the premature conclusion that he will fade in this Cincinnati final against the Aussie bad boy.

I’ll just remind you that the Dimitrov v Isner SF might provide a little insight. The second set TB was great tennis, from both. Through out that match, Dimitrov handled the biggest serve on tour. He gets another opponent today with a big serve. Me thinks his success against John should transfer to Kyrgios.

Can the Bulgarian remain steady from both sides and come to net effectively to put pressure on the volatile game and emotional state of Kyrgios? Can the Bulgarian hold his own serve?

For the sake of both and their NYC prospects, let’s get into some tight, high-level tennis from both, hoping for 2 to 3 brilliant TBs.

Talk to you on the other side.

3 thoughts on “Dimitrov v Kyrgios – Late Preview

  1. Caligula

    It was a good match! The two are very close in terms of overall talent, with Dimitrov moving better around the Court while Kyrgios has stronger groundstrokes and serve. Dimitrov defended masterfully, and it was truly a well-deserved victory for the poor man’s Federer! Indeed, he may be on his way to even greater feats!

    As for Kyrgios, he did what he could, but the Bulgarian was just playing out of this world, and would most likely have defeated anyone on tour with that level of play.

    At 22-years of age Kyrgios still has time to mature and to be a bit more patient when dealing with incoming slices and low bouncing volleys. The controversial Australian certainly has the technique, the serve and the power to become lethal, he just needs to put it all together.

    It was a very civil match, and it seems that both players respect each other, and so even if it wasn’t a thriller (looking at Matt’s plead to the tennis gods for a 3x tie-break epic), it still was a high-level men’s final which made the WTA final travesty that much easier to forget.

    May the tennis smile upon you all, Caligula out!


    1. Matt

      Good tennis in the final, for sure. Theories abound for the outcome, which I’ll go over in my post I’m going to write next. Indeed the slice gave him trouble, but Grigor’s variety was pretty troubling.

      Your Sampras-like comment should have applied to Dimitrov’s running FH. No worries; you’re forgiven.

      Good work, Caligula. Get ready to rumble cuz it’s time for NYC!


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