This is Still on the Djokovic Legacy

“This” is a reference to the state of the men’s game right now. His legacy took some massive growth nutrients in 2015-16, but has since shit the bed and I am utterly shocked to hear Djoker fans still talking about his GOATness.

This is an historical collapse. Any thoughts, Djokerfans?

You and I know exactly how 2017 has been going and how it will probably continue to trend.

I’m starting to see Murray finishing the year #1. That is on Djokovic.

Furthermore, Fedal have murdered the ATP this year (2 majors, 4 Masters) and the record books Djokovic is supposed to be rewriting himself at this point given his supposed control of the tour; this is his time if we’re talking GOATness. Not only has a three-major Murray taken-over the helm of the ATP, but Djokovic sat idly by while Fedal came back from the dead and conceivably could end the year #1 and #2.

This is ridiculous. I have written extensively of Djokovic’s brilliance and shot to make a serious claim to be on the sport’s proverbial Mount Rushmore. A slump happens, sure.

2015 Australian Open - Day 14

But this has A) become a bit of a pattern for the Serb (well documented on this blog and B) the worst kind of timing for such a decline. He should be seeing some better form at this point, gaining some confidence, but he seems to be continuing his dip.

I have said, too, that he will rise again. But this might be too little too late. Why? Because his style of tennis doesn’t preach longevity. Despite people calling him the most balanced game of all-time, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

He will have to find that 2017 Rome SF form on a daily basis. At 30+, this becomes much more difficult to do against younger, stronger and more agile players who use equipment that gets only better, whose games are becoming more and more confident against even the greats like Novak.

I’m just surprised there hasn’t been more of a discussion of how big of a disaster this has been, a Djokollapse that’s over a year old at this point for a player who was 29 years-old and in complete control of the tour and his sport’s record books.

I guess I should be okay with this lack of recognition and discussion by the tennis media, with the fact that I’ve been pretty much the only one charting this dumpster fire.

I’ll be back to smoke some grass discourse soon, people. Let’s get fired-up for some big time grass!

T-shirts will be in production, of course, soon. 😀
#Djokollpase #BeliemInThiem #BIT #2017Fedal #HRFRT #StayTuned, etc.


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