Djokovic Bullshit

“I started noticing an improvement in Djokovic’s game against Lopez in Madrid, especially in his backhand. It could be the greatest backhand of all time and it is a key shot for him. When he hits it will full confidence it is an absolutely devastating shot like it was today against Thiem.”

–Bullshit . . . Lopez is a below average clay guy; and Djokovic’s backhand is 70% equipment and court speed (see: Slovak SlowCourtjovic).

“As for Nadal, he sure has good timing with his losses. Almost as if he recognizes what is coming. In the form Djokovic was in today he would have defeated Nadal in any form. It’s the highest level of tennis ever seen and probably can’t be defeated.”

—Bullshit . . .This highest level BS is hilarious. Try a wooden racquet, Djoker.

“It will also give him the sole title record for Masters events again after Nadal equaled him at 30 in Madrid. So that would be a nice way to go into the second major of the year and if he keeps his current form up Nadal won’t be able to stop him at the French.”

–Who Cares . . . No one cares about Masters titles totals, you idiot. Should we discount Borg or McEnroe, Conners, et al.? STFUP.

The South African bloke like the rest of the Djokofanclub is a hooligan at best, a piece of glass at worst. I’m so sick of this fanaticism. I feel like I have to take this rubbish to task.

Speaking of, where’s that imbecil “Bottle” or any of you other Djoko commenters? I want some softballs to throw at the readership.

We appreciate Nole on this blog and simultaneously neuter you under-read folk.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

16 thoughts on “Djokovic Bullshit

  1. wilfried

    Djokovic’s ’expressive’ win over Thiem tells us that his passion is back, and that he is closing in on where he wants to be in terms of his game.
    But this victory doesn’t necessarily reveal us what is coming about in a possible match-up with Nadal at Roland Garros.
    Firstly Nadal and Thiem are game-wise on opposite sides of the spectrum, the first one playing a smart and solid defense-oriented game with very few UE’s, the other one going-for-broke with lots of errors along the way, so Djokovic’s easy win over Thiem is not an indication whatsoever of what’s to come about against Nadal.
    Second Nadal is not the same player anymore as the one that used to be dominated by Djokovic last seasons. In those 3 months where he was off at the end of last year, Nadal made, with the help of Carlos Moya, significant changes in his game, which got himself back to the top of it, with – for knowledgable observers – clear improvements in certain parts of his game, and overall less predictability in his tactics.
    Third ‘madman’-anger or intimidation won’t work against Nadal ; that guy knows the ropes and doesn’t shy away from it. He will fight like a lion.
    In short, Djokovic’s next match against Nadal, if at Roland Garros, will be more than just a physical, mental and emotional test : it will require him to be intense from start to finish, possibly for 4, 5 hours.
    Can Novak do this ? Looking at how he played a few weeks ago, that would be a stretch, would’n it ?

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    1. Well said, Wilfried. Thiem’s game doesn’t match-up with Novak’s. Variety, getting the Djoker out of his comfort zone, which is side-to-side on the BL, poses more difficulty.

      Of course, the final only underscores all of this insight.


  2. Caligula

    I don’t buy it, del Po was a break up in the start of their quarter final first set, and then his backhand buried him. Thiem was simply dead on arrival, he is still unexperienced when it comes to these crucial moments, and who knows what made him completely shut down. Novak’s horrific on court antics against a mortally wounded del Po and petrified Thiem where indirect mocking with his ugly grins and retarded roars at his opponents unforced errors and expense were a mere reminder why his is unworthy in my eyes.

    Perhaps the Djoker is unknowingly making fun of himself, but I tell you if I was on the other side of the court I’d silence the lunacy very fast. You just don’t erupt in some testosterone fuelled circle jerk on your opponents unforced errors or complete lack of coordination. Nadal used to do it right after hard fought points, then you can beat your chest.

    To my recollection not even McEnroe in all his vile tantrums would go as far as to systematically rally the crowd on his opponent’s errors and use it to fuel his fragile ego, and that is what the Djoker’s ego is now, still fragile. His stupid behaviour is a mere reflection of that, it’s a smokescreen at best.

    As far as the Slowak Courtjovic followers are concerned, let them enjoy this brief moment of hope, only for it to be crushed by reality later, when or if he is faced with tough adversity at RG, there he won’t be guaranteed gifts. Although his draws in the past couple of years have been djokes (and his fanatics always point to his opponents getting the favourable draws, and rigged opportunities, remember?)

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    1. Indeed, adversity. We said show me how he deals with adversity. A 1 and 2 win over Nishiouchi or Thiem or Agut or your aunt Judy is not adversity.


  3. Jason Bourne

    So… Zverev is just serve-botting. Serve-bots just trump everything, including Mega Super Saiyan God Djokovic — owner of the greatest ever form that ever existed in the universe.


  4. Thanks for all the comments, folks.

    I didn’t buy the Thiem match at all. This final only consolidates my skepticism.
    Clearly, something is wrong, out of sorts, rotten in Denmark.

    A new post coming today: I have a lot to say, as always.


    1. Well done, Nambi. Thanks.

      Surprised he’s so transparent on this match-up. Keep it to yourself some, Dom; part of this is a chess match, a game of cards. You don’t want your opponent to know your hand. That’s quite a confession from Thiem.


      1. wilfried

        Dominic is a very nice guy, perhaps too nice and transparant, although I don’t think it would make much of a difference if he didn’t mention it.
        Not so long ago he said almost exactly the same thing in an interview with regard to his match-up with David Goffin : he doesn’t like to play against David (though they get along very well off the court) because he feels rushed all the time by him as well, which accounts partly for the higher amount of forced errors in his matches against them. No wonder his record not is not in his favor against them.


      2. He needs to take a page from a guy like Nadal. Of course, this honesty can be strategic as well. I think we all agree that Thiem was riding quite a wave over the last several weeks and finally beating Rafa had to produce some kind of let-down. I wasn’t surprised by the loss – again, Novak HAS TO WIN these matches. Too much on the line for him. I was a little surprised by the way in which Thiem went down: 0 and 1.

        Dominic is ready for RG. That we can be pretty assured of.


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