Madrid Masters 2017 Draw

Analysis coming: stay tuned.

Don’t miss my post earlier today: Djokollapse: the final chapter?


One final note here.  This is the news today.

I have a post titled “Where Does Novak Go From Here” dated September 14, 2016. We’ve been analyzing and predicting this for a looooooong time at Mcshow Tennis.

Maybe follow along?



You know how I’m often touting our analysis over here vs. the mainstream slow-poke media, right? Above I pointed-out how the article reporting Novak’s massive lay-off of longtime supporters/insiders and suddenly wondering where he goes from here is about 9 months late. Come-on, people. Get your tennis brains in order.

But on top of that there is a detail from the article that probably helps explain how lazy and overcome with incapacity are these “commentors:”

The author, guy named Kallet, is recounting the year leading-up to this massive firing-squad lay-off of Vajda, et al. He gets to 2017 and one can see the writer trying to add to this “shocking” decline narrative (that’s a complete misread). Here’s what he says about Doha:

“Beginning the season as the world No. 2 for the first time in what seemed like forever, Djokovic appeared to be back in full form. He took the title in Doha—just his second trophy since winning the French Open—defeating Murray in straight sets in the final.”

Wrong. He did NOT appear to be back in full form, as we argued (probably) eloquently. He AND Murray looked less than sharp. But the real kicker is this guy Kallet thinks (to support his flawed theory) that Novak won in straight sets. He did NOT win in straight sets. He had that result on his racquet, but the Scot broke and forced a decider, which was critical to our analysis . . . which apparently these fanboys (or worse: imposters) missed, because it didn’t fit their little tennis universe. Or whatever.

You get my point. Pretty soft, if you ask me.

5 thoughts on “Madrid Masters 2017 Draw

  1. Caligula

    This just in, Djokovic fires his entire staff. The Djokolapse is in full effect, he has virtually zero chance of defending the FO this year.


    1. Read my previous post, Caligula!

      Elaborate on your royal FO/Djokovic commentary.

      Have we not been tracking this since the fall last summer?
      Pepe and Jelena are running the show!


      1. Caligula

        In my euphoric insanity, I managed to completely miss that post lol! What did you expect from a manic roman emperor? I have consulted with my royal advisors about the recent Slowakos Novakos Maximus Screwdicus situation, and we have concluded that the fairies will most certainly spin these recent events as positives.

        To this end I have instructed my most trusty messenger/henchman to initiate negotiations with the enemy “Bias Maximus Uninformicus” in hopes of lifting the border dispute and letting my comments through, but I expect my henchman to be treated as a persona non grata in the domain of the Slowus Novakians. All my diplomatic efforts have failed, must I turn to the ballistae to rid these lands of the infidels?


      2. Your poetic strategy is delightfully ambitious. But fear not, unruly ruler, as the chain of events are now in motion and no one, no how, can affect what is to come.


  2. wilfried

    This massive lay-off took me completely by surprise, Matt.
    I’m speechless and sad, because I like Novak and, I think, dismissing his entire staff won’t solve his problems, at least not in /for the short term.
    What’s next for Djokovic as uncertainty continues to surround him ?
    This question appears to intrigue Mr Kallet on (whose big ‘lapsus’ about Novak winning Doha in straigths made me smile), without Mr. Kallet even trying to give part of an answer to the question he raises himself as a title for his article.
    According to Roger Federer, recently on, Djokovic would be co-favorite with Nadal for the title at Roland Garros this season. I wonder if Federer still sticks to that opinion right now, with this turn of events.
    Without any members of his former staff at his side, Djokovic’s chances to defend his two clay-court titles of last season (Madrid and Roland Garros) can only diminish in my view.
    Like Caligula, I don’t see Djokovic defending his Roland Garros title this year. It will be someone else.
    And his Madrid title is in danger as well.


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