Djokollapse: the final chapter?

The announced split from Marian Vajda, fitness coach Gebhard Phil Gritsch, and physiotherapist Miljan Amanovic seems to mark a final blast to the Djokovic camp, one that’s been crumbling, according to me and Novak, for about a year. He fired Boris boris-becker-and-marian-vajda-in-djokovics-camp-celinalafuentedelavothaBecker back in the fall and because of his continued struggles (despite what many Novak fans wanted to believe – “he’s fine, but has been the subject of rigged draws!”), he now let’s go of his coach of eleven years and other pieces of his tennis inner circle.

He has gutted the beast and stands alone now to figure-out how in world he can find that top-of-the-sport form that’s eluded him since the 2016 French Open.

He’s alone although Jelena and Pepe are probably still “in the house.”

If anything, this has to confirm what we’ve been arguing for about a year now. Finally, the Serb is on board himself. Who gave him the link to Mcshow Tennis? 🙂

Interesting timing as his FO preparations have a big test starting Sunday in Madrid, where Novak will look to defend his 2016 title.

Who does Novak turn to for a coach? Jelena, pregnant with their second child, will probably have input on these matters.

My concerns for him after the USO included the tennis calendar, which has generally favored Novak early – success at the AO, perhaps the FO (though this is a difficult major for all, other than Nadal). His WB success came as he peaked in ’11 and then under the masterful guise of Becker, who knows The Championships better than most. All this to say, I don’t see Novak having a very easy time on the grass.

The USO has always been a struggle for the Serb where he’s 2-5 in finals (has as many USO crowns as Nadal).

In other words, again Novak has been reading this blog and seen enough to proclaim “panic.” I actually like to see a player make such moves if the going is not going well. If this isn’t panic, it’s drastic.

Novak has been with Vajda since 2006. So, it’s like Novak is doing a little time-travel to where it all began.

Interesting to note who was at the top of the sport back in 2006. The Fed Express moved on all cylinders and a Spanish monster was looking to win his second French Open.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Remarkable stuff.

2017. What a story.

2 thoughts on “Djokollapse: the final chapter?

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  2. wilfried

    I’m glad Goffin came back. He suffered…
    But needing three sets to defeat Bellucci, doesn’t bode well for his match against Fernando Verdasco.
    According to the betting sites, Goffin would be the favorite against Fernando He is not in my eyes, and if I would have to bet, I’d probably bet for Verdasco, because I think Goffin is targeting a deep run at Roland Garros or Wimbledon, In that perspective the Rome Masters must be less important to him, at least not important enough to risk injury.
    It’s true that David Goffin is the first player in Belgian to be ranked in the top 10, but he has never reached yet a SF in a slam, which has been done before him already by two flemish players (Philip Dewulf at Roland Garros, and Xavier Malisse at Wimbledon). That must sting him somehow I assume.
    Other item. I feel sorrow for Grigor Dimitrov.
    After that painful loss to Thiem, one shouldn’t be surprised he lost also to Del Potro.


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