Miami Final Starring 2017 Federer

Folks, my Miami post is coming; I just wanted to mention the delay is work, my job (I have an excuse); I will get a chance to write this afternoon or late evening PST (California). Sorry for the delay.

We will talk a bit about the match, I will toot my own horn about HRFRT (folks, I wrote that a year ago – ha ha), Nadalism (though I respect the hell out of that guy) and then attack some myths about crowd interference and Federer’s level. Oh, and I’ll toot my horn about my Ljubičić discussions, that were written over a year ago.

With out the likes of Caligula and his ilk to temper my inflated sense of self, I’m out of control!

Of course, I am pulling your leg, sorta. 😀

Stay-tuned. And thanks for reading!

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