Follow Miami Fedal Live – Here!

We’ll be following the match live here if you want to comment on the blog or follow the action on Twitter. My Twitter feed is on the left-side of the blog and here’s a link as well.

Does Federer have enough left in the tank to go three sets with Nadal? Several signs point to a Nadal win and this shouldn’t be hard to fathom. One, he’s almost always played Federer well (ha ha – understatement of the era). Two, Nadal has to be as hungry for a win as ever – he’s NEVER won Miami, he’s playing his 13 year hitting partner, and this is his third final of 2017 (AO – lost, Acapulco – lost). He’s due. Not to mention the last three matches vs. Federer. So, a Nadal win here is certainly in the read of this match.

On top of all of that, Federer has had a brutal draw here in Miami, his last two virtually taking him to a last breath – near death. Berdych and Kyrgios both gave Federer almost more than he could handle. The SF went over three hours. Nadal’s Fognini affair was a Cuba Libre next to the pool by comparison.

We know how good Federer has been playing. If he is a step slow (would seem only natural given the circumstances – age and draw), he needs that serve to keep him in the match.

The one thing that could be a critical element is Federer’s ROS vs the Nadal serve. Let’s keep our eye on that exchange.

Talk to you during or on the other side. Enjoy the match, folks.


6-3 6-4. Well, that was anti-climactic, which I called in my post yesterday, referring mainly to the QF and SF matches Federer played. But Rafa does make the match stand-out. This was not very compelling, from a point-by-point perspective. I will explain all of this and more in my post later tonight. Need to get outside and smell some sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Follow Miami Fedal Live – Here!

    1. I will give you a complete take on this one, when I write my post tonight. Check my twitter for in-match analysis. In short, Federer hardly broke a sweat. A bit underwhelming and I was pulling for Rafa in the 2nd to make a move, make a match out of it, make Roger pay for some of his “loose” tennis.


  1. Slowos Maximus Novakus

    I cometh bearing important news from my master, Caligula. My master wishes to express thee his deepest regret for being absent for all this time. Though it is not without reason that my master was away, he assured me that I will not be whipped or tortured if I assured thee that thy faith in my lord’s insanely insane tennis commentary will intensify as Emperor Caligula is poised to resume his maddening rule well into the future.


    1. Slow, indeed. Tell your highness we remain skeptical of his mental state – his credibility in these lands has taken a hit. Nonetheless, we welcome his return to the battle being fought against incoherence and fangirlboybullshit. Hence, tell your emperor. . . we’ll believe it when we see it.


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