Miami QF

Yesterday saw Kei Nishikori play-out what an injured wrist looks like. That’s what determined is zero FH, resorting early and often to chippy drop-shots and just getting out-hit. Fognini had very little difficulty with Kei. Fabio hasn’t had the toughest draw, but federer-miami-2017-mondaybageling D. Young was a bit of an eye-opener. The American has played well the last couple of weeks. Either way, Fabio v Nadal could be interesting if Fabio has that disruptive spirit going. In the last couple of years, I’ve seen him give Nadal fits on clay and hard court (we all recall USO 2015).

Today’s QFs is the big league. Stan didn’t make it into this round because the tennis is too big. Sorry, Stanimal. The Kyrgios v Zverev is round 2 of what they started in IW. Nick dismissed him in IW. Let’s see what the young German can put together here. If Nick dismisses again, remember that separation for future “big” encounters. We really need Sascha to step-up.

Federer should beat Berdych, especially in this form. We’ll leave it at that.

As much as I liked Nadal’s tennis yesterday (I thought Sock would show more fight), he has quite an opponent coming-out of that top half.

The odds are probably Federer survives 53.3% the top (nod to B.Gilbert), but the winner of Kyrgios/Zverev seems quite the candidate. Let’s hope all four men today are playing high level tennis. We shouldn’t be disappointed.


Update: Federer needed (I think) a little luck to escape the ominous Berdych. The Czech was out-hitting Federer from the second set on. He even had a courageous 120 mph second serve on Federer’s first MP in the third set. In other words, the influence of Goran is quite positive. In the first set, the conclusion looked foregone, Federer cruising. But you will have to go see for yourself (on replay) how Berdych began to strike the ball. With his serve working well and a BH down-the-line that Federer had no answer for, this match was tipping toward Tomas in a big way. 

Federer saved 2-3 MP in the TB, and was able to convert his chance, with Berdych serving 6-7, when the big Czech bloke double-faulted. I felt bad for Berdych. He played well. I’m not so sure Roger’s form dipped. It’s just that it takes a player to play at a very high level to really take Federer. A big hitter like a Berdych or Kyrgios might be that type. 

I’ll have to tape the second QF, but be sure to watch this match, folks. 

Miami madness!

4 thoughts on “Miami QF

  1. RJ

    Agreed but only if he sorts out his mental game. If he takes the same attitude that he displayed against Roger then the sky is the limit. I’d be asking advice from Federer, Lleyton et al…


    1. What evidence is there in 2017 that he lacks the mental game? Smashing a racquet? Not a good take. He is practically unbeatable right now. And he’s 21. As I say in my most recent post, leave him alone. Hewitt has consulted. The ATP made him get professional help. He’s getting his life in order.

      Nothing of late suggests he’s still throwing his career in the garbage can.


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