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Is the Murray loss more of a statement about his game, or it a little more evidence that attacking (S&V) tennis is coming back?

If you haven’t sensed my predilection on style, the attacking, all-court game is a more Vasek_Popsisil-APclassic (classy), sophisticated, and superior form of tennis. The games of Nadal, Djokovic and Murray (and their cohorts) that rely on bigger equipment, perhaps slower surfaces, etc., are a more modern style that has come into prominence with the bigger racquets, slower surfaces, etc.


Two things on the Pospisil upset of Murray: it’s about time the Canadian does ANYTHING in a singles bracket. The guy has done well with Jack Sock and others in doubles (they won WB doubles in 2014); he’s big, has a big serve, can come to net, etc.  Like me, you have to have been wondering why he’s not more effective, along the lines of what Sock has done – top 30 player at least.

Secondly, Murray looks awful against this kind of attacking tennis. This was the Mischa Zverev match at Melbourne all over again. The Scot had no chance. I watched the second set. The Murray top-spin FH that either lands like a ripe, delicious apple for his hungry opponent, or the hail-marry lob just doesn’t pose a threat to the likes of . . . Zverev and Pospisil. I mean, if you’re going to play Murray, work on that S&V, mate.

Anyways, wow. I will be heading down to Indian Wells next weekend for the men’s SF matches. Who comes out of that top half?

The Tsonga loss is another reminder of the other-side-of-the-coin with that waste of talent. You should know now how big of a fan I am of his form, but losing to Fognini? Can you imagine being in his box? Maybe his entire camp is sloppy, a collective who-gives-a-fuck.

I hope Wawrinka or Thiem can represent the top, but I’m not holding my breath.

Have we reached that point now on the ATP where no one is safe? We talked about the take-aways from Acapulco and Dubai (and even Melbourne where  a 17-seed won). . . .revolving around parity.

Indeed, parity and attacking tennis are your leaders in the club house. Oops, wrong sport. Some of you might, actually, not even recognize the sport we’re talking about. Bring on the attacking tennis, the serve & volley, the creative all-court mastery of the game. Give them all wooden racquets! Okay, I’m not going there.

But the point is: some games are very limited, and we’re getting a really good look at this reality.

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