Federer v Nadal: Preface to the Preview

Nadal outlasts Dimitrov in a classic five set semi-final. I will have to reflect on this match as I preview the final, but let me have your attention for a few moments. This is directed at a select few out there who think they have this rivalry all figured-out.

I have a good idea: keep making a complete dip-shit out of yourself and bag on Roger fedal_1Federer because he has a losing record vs. Rafael Nadal. You sound so original, accurate, level-headed, insightful, and you don’t sound like you have your head shoved up your ass. You sound like a real tennis savant!

Does that make you feel better?

Here’s your problem. Even if Nadal beats Federer in the 2017 AO Final, Federer still has a pretty nice career that he can call home.

A couple of points to consider:

#1 Federer’s skill and style (called quality) on the court surpasses Nadal. It’s not close. As a tennis fan, I have to tell you to STFUP because the 23-11, unfortunately, is merely a pregnant red herring, pregnant with a dumpster fire of bullshit and bias. Don’t let those numbers bring you down. You sound confused, sleep deprived, like something’s off, repressed, like you’ve been betrayed, abandoned, someone told you your breath stinks, or your head has a funny shape.

#2 Speaking of numbers, Federer’s numbers are far more superior than Nadal’s (other than the H2H). That’s not a concession; that’s a reminder that you sound like an idiot when you make these ridiculously lame-brain claims about the Swiss giant in relation to the Spanish monster. Where are you going with that statistical argument? Lol.

Here’s where I, and anyone watching tennis, agree with the criticism: Nadal fights harder and has beaten Federer in some big matches. No question, unless we can’t read body language and what seems like a Swiss collapse is really the Express just getting outworked. Fed does not seem to have the same fight as his counterpart. I agree with that. That’s the concession.

But you lose on those two points above: Federer is a more fundamentally sound tennis player with wheel-barrows of talent more than the Spanish bull. And his statistical greatness towers over Nadal. This is an equally definitive reality.

All you have is the H2H. That’s it. I haven’t even said the word “clay.” Do you want me to qualify the H2H? Give us a break. If Federer dumped you, cheated on you, sure: the pain is real. But don’t come waltzing into a tennis conversation with some jerky brained bullshit rationale along the lines of Nadal owning or has superiority over Federer.

Want me to play another riff?

I don’t think Federer gives a fuck.

The way the argument goes, Federer is obsessed with Nadal. Federer ducks him, thinks about him as he manages the draw. In effect, the way the argument goes, Federer tries to avoid his grand nemesis at all costs. Because he’s “owned.”

I have an historical example that eradicates this claim.

The time is 2009, mid January. Roger is fresh off of a U.S. Open win, his fifth in a row. We’re at the Australian Open. You know what happens. The Verdasco v Nadal SF goes 5+ hours. Federer beats Roddick in straights in the other SF. In the final, Nadal beats Federer in five sets. Roger cries at the podium. It’s uncomfortable to watch. Poor Roger. Nadal even puts his arm around the Swiss to comfort him. The shame. Career is over.

At least that’s what some tennis “commenters” will tell you. You know what happened after that?

The following spring, Roger beat Rafa in the Madrid Masters final (clay) before winning the French Open, beating Robin Soderling in that final; the big Swede knocked-off Nadal in the 4th round.

After that, Roger won Wimbledon.

After that, Roger battled Del Potro in the U.S. Open final before (kinda blowing it and) losing in five sets.

So, to re-cap: Roger loses to Nadal in the 2009 AO final, left scarred for life, left for dead. Then he wins the next two majors and loses a tight five-setter in the U.S. Open final to the beast Del Potro.

After that? He wins the 2010 Australian Open.

I think people make a little more out of this H2H than is necessary, a little more out of Roger’s damaged psyche than is the reality. I’ve just given you reason to believe that Federer does not put a lot of stock in this history.

Granted, it’s not the best look. Admittedly. But to jump up-and-down on your little trampoline of bitterness and envy about a rivalry that may be more your obsession than anything else. . .Ha ha.

Federer v Nadal should be good. The 35 year-old Swiss owes it to himself to show-up and make a match of this reunion. I suspect the tennis will be competitive.

But back away from your failed argument, your failed anger management. It’s small. It lacks depth and discernment. Roger made the final! So did Rafa! My God this is a wild development that certainly deserves more than a rash of ridicule from embittered tennis fans.

I will be back tomorrow for a preview of the AO final.


8 thoughts on “Federer v Nadal: Preface to the Preview

  1. Caligula

    Hear hear! As much as Nadal has proven that he can out grind Federer in these Slam finals it doesn’t mean this is the same match up as before, Roger is 5 years older and Nadal is no spring chicken (quoting you on this one Matt! XD) Who is to say that Roger won’t show up as a clinical beast and end the Spaniard in 3-4 quick sets? He has nothing to lose, he enjoys being on Court and I hope he has outgrown this silly Nadal mental deficiency some people like to talk about like they are some high-profile psychologists.

    I look forward to this final, both players stand to make history one way or the other, let us enjoy one last Fedal battle!


  2. What I’m saying is too much is made of this H2H. Rafa probably beats him, but I don’t think it changes much the legacy of each.

    The fact that Roger’s 35, beating top younger players and playing in GS finals will not be repeated. It’s like Djokovic beating Roger at this point. Roger is ancient.

    I don’t see how Nadal loses this match. His monster mentality is so much to overcome. Roger has to stay with him through out and cash in when he can. And he has to serve his ass off.


    1. Caligula

      I agree that the H2H argument is trash, especially coming from Nadal Die Hards. Roger is a leviathan and has more skill than Nadal will ever hope to accumulate, but in today’s baseline grinding tennis his supreme attacking technique has been somewhat neutralized and exploited by the grinders/defenders. I think Federer knows what he needs to do, that first serve will be crucial here, short points FTW! If he let’s Nadal dictate the flow he will start pummelling Fed’s single backhand into submission, the Grandmaster needs to keep Nadal on his toes, constantly drop shot him, make him run around like a headless chicked (which Nadal is quite known for).

      I can see why Nadal is heavily favoured, but there is no guarantee that Federer can’t turn this around and surprise us all.


  3. Yes. We’ve been waiting for the Maestro to have a big dip and this could be the one, unfortunately. He can not fall victim to the UE. Take a little off the ball, KEEP IT IN PLAY, which is what Nadal and Djoker do that enables them to hide their difficiency.

    Play smart, be aggressive and he needs 20+ aces.

    But Nadal is such a nightmare.
    Why I would give my pinky finger to see Sampras play Rafa. Pete was an ass hole out there, going 125 on his second serve ace with accompanying glare. 14-4 in finals.

    Federer needs to die out there today and be reborn a serial killer.


    1. Caligula

      Ha ha! Yes, Pistol Pete was a monster, on top of that the faster courts back then would have made Nadal’s existence painful to say the least, to be frank I don’t think he would have stood a chance on hard/grass, on clay I believe he would always thrive, but at Wimbledon, Pete would have his head and likes of the Djoker and Murray any day of the week. Federer on the other hand I am certain would have been very successful in that era.

      Fingers crossed for a competitive match tomorrow, it would be such a party killer to have it end abruptly and without a real fight!


      1. Agree we need a classic.
        Even though the runs have been great from both, need an epic battle to consolidate the greatness.


  4. Nambi

    All the levelheaded Comments and we did get what we expected in the end…It may not be breathtaking kind of tennis throughout but no denying the brilliance of flashes and needed drama with up and down on alternate sets…


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