Dimitrov’s SF Run at the AO

I’m up, working and waiting on this last quarter final.

Dimitrov into the second SF with a straight set win against the overmatched Belgian, David Goffin. He awaits the winner of Raonic v Nadal.

Dimitrov is, needlesstosay, rolling.

This post seems quite prescient, no (“Djokovic v Dimitrov”)?  Not that Djokovic and Dimitrov ended-up playing in a high-stakes match at the AO – because they certainly did not. Djokovic ducked Dimitrov, remember? 😀

grigordimitrov2017australianopenday2u8fiw81ovvjlThe prescience, rather, is in the point of that article. I complicated Djokovic’s Doha win, trying to remind readers that the three-set win vs Murray was not nearly as impressive or dominant because of the way he let that second set get away. That was trouble, the win camouflaging the Serb’s persistent vulnerability.

On the other hand, I began to hint there of the potential world-beating form that the Bulgarian was consolidating in Brisbane amongst a deep field, having dispatched Raonic and Nishikori himself. I was buying a bit of Bulgarian stock late 2016 and feverishly purchasing having seen his play in Brisbane.

Folks, he’s in the AO SF. And Djokovic is out. That article, written Jan. 8, pretty much details each player’s respective AO fate.

Get your popcorn ready for Raodal. The Canadian needs to be efficient. I will stay-up to watch the first set. Even though that won’t tell us much, given that Nadal will have dressed for an ultra marathon, Raonic should be able to set the tone by then. . .or not.

Rest up, Grigor.


4 thoughts on “Dimitrov’s SF Run at the AO

  1. Utsav

    And Nadal won.

    Raonic just didn’t show ruthlessness there. 6 set points dropped in set 2.

    Hope Dimitrov comes to play.


  2. Caligula

    I watched almost the entire Raodal match and I must say I am surprised, I had the Spaniard losing in three straight sets. I know that Raonic wasn’t finding his game, and perhaps had some physical difficulties as he called in the physio, but Nadal was the one who trying to push the envelope which I think made the first set a deserving win. As for the second set, what in the actual fuck…

    If Raonic had he been assaulting the ball the way we know he can be, he would have taken those two set points with a big smile on his face, but it seems the Tennis gods are mischievous this time around, affording the shadow of his former self to squeak by and then somehow take it to Raonic in the third set.

    The amount of mediocre tennis Nadal showed today and at time offset with glimpses of his former brilliance should not have been enough to upset a young, hungry and in form Raonic.

    What do I expect from the Federer Clone v Shadow of his Former Self semi-final bout? I have no flipping clue! Even when his form is average at best our Neadalthal friend is winning matches, as you wrote, it must be voodoo!


    1. That match wasn’t even close. Nadal looks dangerous. He’s such a mental machine, his determination sharpens his execution ten-fold. The guy gets up for these matches – he knows how urgent this situation has become. He’s two wins from another major.

      Raonic was a mess. Through out. Sure he had 3,000 BPs and SPs in the 2nd set, but he was a mess throughout. Nadal’s return of serve was the witchery I talked about. Moya was a factor. Raonic screaming at his box and Moya in the other box just made this whole thing pretty sad for the giant Canadian. I have been critical of him forever (even though he has a massive serve and has developed some). I have always said he’s too big. He’s also wound too tight.

      He was flailing last night. Not even close. Game set match once Nadal had the break and he was all over Raonic’s serve before that.

      If Dimitrov can pound out a first set and simply out-play Nadal he has a chance. But I can actually see Nadal winning this whole thing unless the other player can be MENTALLY strong.

      One thing for sure: Nadal executed well. He just did.

      Post coming soon.


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