Exhibit A

There are some tennis voices that admittedly lack any perspective and sound like little cheerleaders rooting-on their heroes. Do yourself a favor, dear reader.

Exhibit A

In answering someone who questions a certain blogging “expert’s” tennis perspective:

So yeah, I prefer looking for positives of my favorite player than for negatives. I can’t tell other people how to be a tennis fan but that is the kind of fan I have always been and I don’t think it is very constructive to look for negatives in someone that you are a fan of. That seems counter-intuitive to me.



  1. If that is the blogger I think it is, then we will have a lot of exhibits about said blogger. XD

    1. It is. And you’re right. Looney tunes over there. A lot of readers I’m afraid like that fanboy bullshit. It’s child’s play, innocent and delusional. Cute how they all hold hands and spin around in a circle.

  2. Somewhat newer to this site than many others must be, I’ve been wondering about the identity of this fanboy for some time now…

    1. Some of the mainstream media is almost is bad, but said fanboy is pretty special. Should I put up a poll to have readers guess? Ha ha.

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