Now What, Novak?

The WTF final turned-out to be the coronation of Andy Murray. Well done. For me the match was completely psychological, mental, played on character – who’s got it, who’s struggling in that department. Andy wasn’t necessarily brilliant, but he was solid and did not shy from those big moments of the match. Lendl was in the house. Double his pay. On the other hand, Novak looked awful. Listless. Distracted. Forlorn even. The camera would cut to Jelena and Pepe sitting together and this looked very troubling for Novak. He just doesn’t seem right. We’ve all heard rumors, seen Djokovic crumble in matches, coaching change, infidelity, burn-out, blah blah blah.

We call it like we see it: Djokovic is in trouble. That was the case since early summer and we’ve lost count of the examples that illustrate this thesis. He’s almost 30, there’s some kind of crisis of identity, or family, or diet. We do know this: he looks terrible on the court.

And he’s turned to Pepe. Good luck, Novak.

I’ll be back with more. How’s Nishikori doing? Did he give Novak whatever he had? Pepe will figure it out.


4 thoughts on “Now What, Novak?

  1. Caligula

    LMAO! Pepe Imaz?! I had to search up this guy to find who he was and what the hell he was doing, turns out he’s a… relationship coach? XD Something is not well in Novakland, as you already mentioned, the WTF was psychological, we have seen Djokovic steamroll the Scot far too many times before, and on similar surfaces, what happened? Lendl happened! Andy is the new age Nadal, physicality meets tenacity! And love the damage control some “objective” fans are displaying on other blogs.

    This more than anything reconfirms the importance of having a healthy physical and psychological state, if one of the two is out of balance or even worse if both are gone aka. modern day Nadalitis Carpo (just a pseudo-scientific name I’ve given to Nadal as of late).

    Also, we remember prior to Novak’s rise, his mental toughness was always in question, could these latest events (whatever they may be) become the final nail in the coffin? I know no one is perfect, we all have some issues in our personal lives etc., but in tennis that could be a hindrance of massive proportions.


    1. Let me repeat: he better win AO. French after IW and MI and the clay with Andy and Roger and maybe Rafa coming hard. . . along with whatever other tour talent floats to the top. Novak is in a tough spot, especially if his wife is trippin.

      I wasn’t being that sarcastic when I said, “Good luck, Novak.” I want him to play well. That was a bizarre final. Looked like the USO final. More on the parallels between the two tournaments coming later. And Nishikori. . What The Fuck was that. I know I hammered him in my earlier post, but that was bowel movement material.

      Lastly, did I see you troll the Fanboy? Ha ha. That guy is drunk. What ship does he jump to if the USS Djokovic goes down? That’s the new spin btw: Fanboy cursed Nole.


      1. Caligula

        You have no idea! 😛

        I wouldn’t call it trolling, more of an intellectual challenge to said blogger with a bit of insanity thrown in to spice things up, unfortunately most of what I write on that blog is censored to shit or deleted, but a manic roman ruler still knows how to rally the people, lmao!

        Nishikori’s performance was abysmal, coming from a guy who stopped Djokovic at the USO 2014, he needs to take a good look in the mirror, because that was beyond embarrassing.

        Lendl is secretly eyeballing Becker, they have some old feud going on. I can see the dark lord conniving against the former German great, perhaps thinking of hiring a dietitian for Becker, which I am sure would cause him agony to say the least, we can’t skip those in between meals snacks now can we Becker? Hell, McEnroe looks younger than the guy even though he’s 8 years older. But I digress… The ramblings of a madman…


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