WTF SF: Weathering the Storm

Andy weathered the storm early from Stan. Advanced.

We saw this coming a mile away:

Murray v Raonic

Djokovic v Nishikori

The fact that Novak has only played a couple minor talents in getting to his SF seems pretty good for him. This is like the 2016 USO, where he had a Challenger Tour draw. Fly the clown home and fly Goffin in to take his beating. Wow. And that garbage mainstream media, people like and other fanboys suddenly love Novak. Novak has been dangerous from the beginning, but if you’re liking his chances now, after beating a bunch of farm animals (Raonic, granted, is a threat), you’re a tennis illiterate.

Your boy Tignor had Wawrinka today in that final RR match where Andy at 3-3 in the first went all #1 on the Swiss and moved his camp a few wins away from definitive world #1.

Andy has played Cilic (straights), one of the most dangerous guys on the planet given his play this summer and fall; Nishikori (war) the most dangerous outside the top two given his HC game and desire to climb in the rankings; and Stan (straights), the mercurial beast.

Indeed, the great Djoker fanboy and guys like Tignor had Wawrinka today, saying things like Murray could miss the SF if he lost in straights. Feel the pulse of the sport, son.

Can’t wait to see Nishikori v Novak. Will be refreshing to see the Serb play some tennis of consequence against a player of significance. If he comes out and breadsticks the Japanese star, look out. Hopefully Nishikori has something left after today’s final RR against Cilic.

Indeed, this entire draw and schedule have favored the Serb. Didn’t work-out in New York. We’ll see how this “fortune” fairs in London.

Weathering the media shit show storm

Can’t wait to hear what tools like Annacone or Tignor say about the SF, but actually I’ll do my best not to come within earshot of those ducks. That sort of mainstream “media” is garbage and has so little to offer us tennis fans. This inspires me even more to build this blog/site. And sure this connects to the absolute media shit show failure of the US Presidential election (along with every other story they cover). We are surrounded by people only concerned with making money or doing whatever they think makes them sound interesting/relevant. Interesting or advertising-friendly is not enough. Garbage collectors.

Be smart and honest. That’s Word.

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