WTF Group Draws: WTF?

This is not a joke.  These are the groups for the up-coming World Tour Finals in London.

John McEnroe Group
Andy Murray
Stan Wawrinka
Kei Nishikori
Marin Cilic

Ivan Lendl Group
Novak Djokovic
Milos Raonic
Gael Monfils
Dominic Thiem

For really obvious reasons, this is pretty stunning. Word is that Raonic might pull-out because of the quad that he hurt in Paris; perhaps you get a Berdych in the Lendl group as a replacement. These groupings are unreal. The WTF have certainly become WTF?

I will finish some thoughts on this later.  Lol.

There is some clarification in the comments, FYI. Does anyone else have anything to say about the charity event in London next week?  Bizarre.

2 thoughts on “WTF Group Draws: WTF?

  1. Nambi

    have to say, its really weird….Cant wait to ready your thoughts…

    I was thought of commenting on last article itself, but haven’t done… Thank you for writing these articles and its always pleasure to read. You were spot on about many stuffs in Paris draw/thoughts…

    Keep up Matt.


    1. Thanks, Nambi.

      Not sure there is too much more to say about the groups, actually. If you know tennis, you know how laugh-out-loud lopsided these groups are.

      This is most likely a battle between Murray and Djokovic although anything can happen, especially since one is way off form and the other is in a pretty tough group. Here are the groups. You make the call.

      Aside from Murray and Djokovic

      One group has
      A guy with 7 career titles, basically a bunch of 250 level tournaments
      A guy with 6 career titles, basically a career underachiever with no mental fortitude (a bunch of 250 level tourneys)
      and A guy with 8 career titles who’s coming off an injury withdrawal from his last match (again 250 level player) though he did see the AO SF and WB F this year.

      The other group has
      A guy with three majors, the most recent one being the 2016 US Open and other titles to his name, one of the best players in the world.
      A guy with one major, and a 1000 this year who just beat Djokovic in Paris (even though the Djoker is down)
      and A guy with a similar resume to Raonic, who can play with anyone, but succumbs to injury often (played in a USO final in 2014). Has become a top-5 mainstay.

      The tour, like so many people and organizations and countries and really everything in our God forsaken world, has become money drunk and appears to be desperate or something. I am not a Murray guy, but this is unbelievable. It’s a joke really.


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