These Draws

Sure enough, Klizan was a tough R1 and Murray needs to comeback and take care of Simon in order to play the awaiting Isner. We’re talking here about the bigger picture. Murray has a tough top half. I looked at his draw yesterday: Klizan-Simon-Isner-Thiem and the winner of the garbage bottom half (sorry).  I guess Tsonga emerges? Or the 60 year-old Karlovic?

The point, however, is Murray, who toughed-out the three setter today (bageling in the third), surely expects to win this week and has to back that up next week in a much more difficult set of circumstances, with Djokovic fighting for his life; believe me, Djokovic is fighting for his life (legacy).

Look at the draw in the bottom half of Basel. Del Potro plays Goffin in R16 and winner plays Nishikori in a QF match. I don’t mean to over-simplify this, but that’s the extent of that dradelpotrow, these next two matches involving DelPo.

I saw Stan finish-off his countryman yesterday, looking merely okay. In these faster, tighter matches, he uses the cut backhand a lot to keep a point going, fend-off an advancing opponent, trying to find the opportunity to unleash the greatest BH in the game (ATM).  He, Cilic and/or Sock should determine the winner of, I suspect, DelPo v Nishikori for that title.

Last year we had Federer v Nadal in the Basel final.


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