Matt’s Blog Update

You might have seen that I have a Twitter account attached to the blog now (did this actually during the final of the USO); this shouldn’t be too surprising since such social media parings are quite natural and even smart if one aspires to grow and reach more readers.

The Twitter account is nice because I can now post thoughts during matches, or whenever, with regards to the play, news, etc., and this all gets connected, hopefully, to other tennis fans and/or readers of the blog. I have another Twitter account that I used primarily for news. As you know, opsb-tennis-tennisne gets news in real-time these days via media feeds like Twitter. If you follow interesting sources/contacts, you get interesting tweets (so long as you check the feed now and then). I really haven’t used Twitter in a while; that account has been pretty dormant. I thought with the blog purring right along, and the opportunity to talk more tennis, that I should start a new Twitter account for this blog.

Of course, I’ve been following, since activating the account, other tennis voices on Twitter; this has connected me to more of the tennis discourse. I actually wrote an article for the blog reacting to some of this discourse, to the anti-Best-of-Five contingent to be exact. Indeed, this ought to help me stay even more connected than I ever have been.

I got an email this morning notifying be that I had a comment on the blog, which was on the page What is Matt’s Blog. The comment was from the founder of Feedspot informing me that my blog is among the top 100 tennis blogs on the web. Either way, whether this is totally accurate or not, the guy seemed genuine, the list seems pretty solid (I’m actually #76), so I posted the badge there on the left side. If you click it, you’ll see the list.

I started this tennis focus around the 2015 French Open and have bwordpress-bloggingeen going pretty strong since. I do this for free, really haven’t developed any advertising angle, don’t “sell” anything, make anything, other than some good conversation with some of you; rather, I just like to watch, play and write about tennis, especially the men’s pro game (I definitely enjoy writing about tennis. Ha). To get any recognition like this is tremendous, for me, ALMOST as satisfying as seeing readers visit my blog each day. This small gesture from Feedspot, along with the feedback I get from other readers, certainly inspires me to write more, to invest more in Matt’s Tennis Blog. Getting psyched more and more, as I write this, about this final push toward some decent HC action, a few Masters and the WTF.

I do want to comment on the data-base hack and revelations of athlete “medications,” along with Novak’s burn-out. Stay-tuned

And let’s all see how St. Petersburg and Moselle reconcile. Clearly we have our eyes on Stan and the winner of the Zverev/Berdych match, along with the French fortunes of Lucas Pouille (needing three-setters to advance, though he’s still advancing) as he takes on Goffin in one SF and Simon v Thiem in the other. Looking good, gentlemen!

Thanks for reading, folks!

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