Put It To Rest: Let’s Go!

We all see a lot of interesting “takes” or thoughts on this and every other big, meaningful tennis match.

What blew me away today and yesterday is seeing a Djokovic fan (the very nature of this phenomenon is extraterrestrial or delayed or turd-like) actually say that he was pleased that Murray was out and went on to say he’d wished that Djokovic was playing Nishikori rather than Stan.

Folks, this is not tennis; this is mental illness.

And I mean that.

And I think you know what I’m talking about.

Everyone, cheer for a good match, perhaps even a great match.

And ignore these low life bottom feeders that substitute idolatry for objective commentary.

Now you definitely know who and what I’m talking about.

Djokovic and Wawrinka, allez!

7 thoughts on “Put It To Rest: Let’s Go!

    1. Hmmmm. I really like your confidence and wouldn’t hate that result. Staminal is great for the sport partly because we’re usually not quite expecting his arrival. He has been terrific in this tournament, especially in the last three matches (on the brink of elimination vs. Evans).

      Cahill or Pat Mac, calling the SF, said that Stan has played something like only 3 guys in the top 10 this year; Gilbert said that’s just crazy given his world ranking.

      What I take this to mean is that Stan has had a bit of a down year and indeed he hasn’t gotten himself to those matches. I don’t think he’s done that well in those matches against those top guys.

      Even in this tournament, Nishikori is the only top 10 he’s faced and beaten (of course). Then again, Nishikori beat #2 so you can’t blame Stan for not getting higher seeds.

      In conclusion, I’m a bit hesitant still because of Novak’s level when he is at all healthy and the stakes are so high. The Serb has incredible poise in those big matches (I mentioned I watched the 2011 USO SF Fed v Djok – he was dead, like in 2010, but managed to comeback against Roger). Stan has to establish himself very early. Has to win first set or at least be strong enough not to get down.

      Novak is a service break machine. He’s a crafty, deadly opponent.

      But what’s not to like about the whole Magnus/Wawrinka team? I certainly hope Stanimal is in the final, bringing the heat, punishing the ball, making Novak have to play to win, which no one has done.


      1. Caligula

        I hate being right “all” the time 😛

        But no, really this was a very competitive match, in fact I was really concerned about the level since Stan was really uncomfortable in the start of the first set, luckily he picked himself up and never looked back. Djokovic did everything right, he was playing aggressively, pushing Stan back behind the baseline, and showed some world class defensive play, but there is just something about Stanimal, his mental game is superb in these moments, And when he goes after those Winners, he doesn’t seem to care, it’s grip it and rip it, if it stays in, good, if not, let’s try again!

        Stanimal deserved this win, I know people don’t like to use that word, but this was deserving, during the tournament he spent twice as much time on court twice as Novak, and fought his way to the final, and then put his “I don’t give a shit” shirt on. This is the kind of player that we need, someone who is not afraid to give it his all in a finale against the Serb world number 1! Kind of like the Fedal rivalry, Nadal wasn’t afraid of Federer, and Stan is freaking fearless.


  1. RJ

    Stan. The. Man!

    I did not see the whole match (started watching after the first set) but what a performance. I loved how Stan asked tournament referee Brian Earley to explain the timing of a medical timeout. “You can see the physio whenever you want?” he said, sarcastically. “Oh, it’s new!” – Okay Nole had a legitimate problem but it was good to see Wawrinka let him know that he wasn’t putting up with the bull. Sheesh, that SHBH is a Bernini sculpture of a tennis shot – perfection.

    He’s won the big matches and can play with the “big boys” too. Congrats to the Stanimal and no doubt wily Magnus Norman had a thing or too to do with it. Looking forward to your indomitable summation Matt.

    p.s. Stan has the same amount of GS titles as Andy Murray….


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