Quick USO 4th Round Cheese

The match of the tournament, I mentioned earlier, will be Nadal v Pouille. Check my blog and watch the match. I don’t even watch this stuff and know that’s the match. Pouille is coming off a tough five-setter, but I like the 22 year-old to give Fraudal a solid 4R contest. Nadal looks pretty good, I guess, but he hasn’t played a soul.

Djokovic. . . good Lord. Quite a draw.  The young Edmund looks frantic but will most likely be subdued and beaten by the world #1.

Sock upsetting Cilic. I am thrilled. Did not see the match yet. Have to work. Sorry. Sock, as I said, is hitting the crap out of the ball. The game is so mental. Is he mental? Put it on, Sock! Well done! Wow. Cilic is out. Get out.

Of course, my sleeper has been Tsonga all along and he looks good. At this point, I guess we shouldn’t be shocked if he gets Socked, but I like Tsonga. Have for about a week. Check my preview. Welcome to the terror dome.

People think Roger’s era was soft? Check out your boy Baghdatis.  Ha ha ha. Roger had him about ten years ago in some big exchanges. Whatever. Go, Marcos!

In the other half, we’ll have to wait, but we like Kyrgios to see Stanimal and Del Potro to swing that tall axe. Does Thiem have anything left for the deep hardcourts? We’ll see.

The rest is Andy. Who’s not rooting for the Scot?

4 thoughts on “Quick USO 4th Round Cheese

  1. Caligula

    ….and Nadal is out, bit of a shame since he did show potential. Pouille is really potent, and it will be interesting to follow his progress. Djokovic is having one of those Djoke draws they might as well give him the semi-final placemenet from the get to.


    1. Yeah, but this is 2016 Nadal, so that shouldn’t be too surprising. Pouille is for real.

      A lot of story lines here, one of which is all the match retirements. Thiem just quit Del Potro.
      Is the sport getting soft, or what?


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