More Draw Analysis: F*ck You, USTA

You’d think the USTA might have half-an-ass in the state of the U.S. men’s game. There are several young U.S. players who might be ready to win a couple of big matches in their country’s national championships.

No one around here is suggesting that the tournament make draws more favorable for certain players although we are all suspicious of that through the years with certain trends, coincidences, etc.

This is what stinks about the U.S. Open draw, especially from an American perspective. Why in the hell do you have Tiafoe and Isner go first round? I mean, no one, nor their grandma would think twice if you had these guys face equally talented but different players. Oh, you think I’m over-reacting, pulling some sort of American Exceptionalism on the Open draw? I have a better brain-fart for you: Sock and Fritz are first round opponents AGAIN, like they were in Melbourne? Are you kidding me? F@ck you.

And like Melbourne, the two Americans (one 22 y/o, the other 18) went five sets here in NYC. See you later, Taylor. Good luck. Make sure you watch some Sock tape because you’ll be playing him in 1R of the next major.

Tiafoe and Isner played a five-set classic, as well. Is that good for the game? I guess. Not. The Fritz v Sock first rounder seems really odd. Coincidence? I think Fritz has underachieved all year beyond his solid early start in Memphis. But give the guy a break. Tiafoe is a huge talent. I thought he had it in him to beat a somewhat struggling Isner when he’s up 2 sets to nil. Then those TBs.

Giving these 19 year-olds a chance would be great; remember, it’s not that I would prefer that the teens play worse players, but why fellow Americans, which only makes the stakes of the match go beyond a 1Rer. Again, the Sock/Fritz serial tryst is bizarre. Get the hell out of here with that bullshit.

Then we have Stevie Johnson who is having a solid summer get Del Potro in 2R action tomorrow? Del Potro probably wins that match, but it’s a tough 2R match for both men. Given that we think some of these draws are bullshit, these odd ball early match-ups seem pretty awkward. I’ll take it that I’m American so this seems a little biased. But there are a bunch of mediocre mid-to-late 20s players out there taking craps all over the court. Let these youngsters play.

Nice to see another 19 y/o American Donaldson upset the never potent Goffin, which seems to parallel the 21 y/o South African born Brit Kyle Edmund upsetting Gasquet. Good on those young men clearing some early tournament heights.

The Sock v Cilic match should be good. Sock loses his focus a bit here and there and lacks some top-level fitness, I’m afraid, but he is hitting (as he usually does) the crap out of the ball. His top-spin is Nadal-like. He just needs a more developed game – BH, 2nd serve, fitness, etc. If Cilic smokes him, straights, look-out for that guy, my favorite player on the tour. Ha ha ha. Still, he’s got a major and a masters and he’s playing well. He seems to be a genuine hardcourter.

Another draw pet-peeve: Cilic and Djokovic to meet in the QF? I guess. You’d think they would have wanted that to take place a little deeper in the draw? Is someone going to tell me it all depends on seeds? I seem to think that’s often something that organizers ignore since you’d think it would always go #2 and #3 in one side, and #1 and #4 in the other. Not sure there’s much rhyme or reason when it comes to some of these draws.

Raonic is out. Here was part of my commentary on him a few posts back, looking ahead to the USO: “Back to Raonic: nothing to write home about. McEnroe has his work cut-out for him.” What’s more impressive, a WB SF or a Cincy win? Cilic is more the threat than the big clumsy Canadian. Pretty disappointing tennis from him. And an American beat him!

This is all about the Americans, right?

Looking ahead, potential match of the tourney (I hope): Pouille v Nadal in 4R, if they survive the third, which they should. I like Pouille’s game and he’s only 22 years old.

Djokovic got a 2R WO, but he still has work to do in his top half. He has the likes of Tsonga, Cilic, maybe Isner in his quarter. And he gets the veteran Youzhny next. Djokovic should roll though I sill like the winner of the potential Tsonga v Cilic match to put-up a fight in the QF. Remember, Tsonga was a my sleeper.

In the next quarter, look at Kyrgios’ draw. He has a shot at getting to that 4R match vs. Wawrinka, winner playing the survivor of a pretty soft other 4R, unless Del Potro gets rolling.

Need to see some of these other 2R matches to get a better look, but Murray is still the man in that last quarter, if not the bottom half or the entire field.

I’ll check back after some more tennis. Carry on and enjoy!

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