N.A. HC Season!

Tell me if I’m wrong: a catchy, energetic title is SEO 101, right? Might not even matter since I probably skipped another step or two in delivering on effective SEO with this or other blogs. The point, however, is that I had a choice here as far as the energy goes: use that energy in the title or in the article.

Hence, the enthusiastic title.

And, indeed, the title stinks despite whatever “energy” I’m referring to.

Tough to get too excited about tennis right now. Granted, I am excited about watching some competitive matches (always), but the transitional nature of the men’s game is not the most interesting story, unless you’re into following how many titles Djokovic can accumulate (which we’ll all be subject to either way). He has another couple of years to add to his trophy case and the environment couldn’t be more conducive for him. Many fans will relish in this time and space, the Djokovic era, heaping scorn on the rest of the history of the sport. I do not understand this element of tennis.

In fact, I am not sure what drains my enthusiasm more: waiting for the next crop of contenders to emerge on the tour, or listening to all of these Djokovic diehards claim dominance over Nadal, Federer and the rest of the history of this great sport. Sounds a bit flawed when you put it that way, no?

Well, be prepared to have to endure those two storylines: the slow, sad development of the next generation of tennis greats (seems almost ludicrous to say that when you know it’s so far far away) and the loud and obnoxious lack of perspective that accompanies the mouth-breathing Djokovic diehards.

Remember, in case you’re new here and/or have forgotten: I have spent much energy already celebrating his greatness. But there’s a difference between what I write and what a bunch of discussion board honks, or fanboys blare.

As for the rest of the sport, we have NO IDEA what is happening with the field at this point.

What are we predicting? Who do we see emerging at the business-end along with Djokovic? (that’s if he’s still motivated to win this title).

Wawrinka, Nishikori, Raonic, Berdych, Thiem, Goffin or Cilic? That appears to be A) the top eight seeds, including Djokovic, in Toronto and B) your WTF field, more or less, with the obvious inclusion of Murray.

Kyrgios and Zverev have already been sent packing in Toronto and there isn’t really much more one can hope for, other than Djokovic bouncing back from his grassaster and maybe one of those top eight men, Stan and/or Milos seem the most interesting from my perspective, raising his form to actually challenge the Serb.

I don’t believe there’s much to say about the Federer news/announcement. Maybe I’ll take time to wish him a happy 35th birthday in a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “N.A. HC Season!

  1. Caligula

    Hi Matt! The Djoker just got trolled by Delpo at the Olympics, great performance by Delpo here, some great forehand execution, and Novak saved 6-8 breakpoints, yet fell in two tiebreaks. You gotta love Delpo, the man has that something about him when he is on his game, he can threaten anyone, sending Novak packing just like he did 4 years ago in London.


    1. Caligula, my friend.

      I’m on holiday as is the sport. Gimme a break.
      That DPo is back at all makes me want to open lots of champagne. We’ve missed him.

      I have not seen the Oly tennis. I think Djoker has a smaller window than people think. He has to win the USO. Has to.

      I heard that idiot Ruan say Djoker HC GOAT. Hahahahah. 2 USO? Ha hahahahah.

      Djoker has to win USO. Cincy? Whatever. USO?



      1. RJ

        Good to see you’re on holiday Matt. Enjoy.

        I recently returned from a European holiday and for some down time I read Andre Agassi’s book OPEN. Fascinating read and insight into the mind of one of your best talents.


      2. Caligula

        Whoever is proclaiming GOAT should be fiitted a straight jacket! 😛

        Enjoy your holiday Matt, looking forward to your next post.


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