The Wimbledon Draw

Let’s not make a huge deal out of this. We did note that Djokovic’s French draw was cheese cake, but the guy was destined to win at some point, anyways; I am not one to get too caught-up in the luck of the draw.

Obviously, the most interesting development is a potential Raonic v Djokovic QF, but what makes you or anyone think the big Canadian has a chance, especially late, to beat Novak in best-of-five. There are other decent players in the top half, but who knows until we see the ball strike.

Federer is there in that top half (a Novak v Roger SF is in the cards! . . .Big f -ing deal). He hasn’t shown us much more than the injury and mummy rust. He’s on his last gasp, folks (and that includes you Nole-junkies who talk about Federer defending his GOAT status. STFUP.).

The bottom half is Murray/Kyrgios/Wawrinka/Berdych, et al. Murray looks good, but more because of his time and place and Lendl.

We all know what is likely to happen here, the likely final eight, final four, etc. Will there be a surprise or two? Probably. Pray on it. We need as much of that as we can get.

I will say that in my 2016 Predictions, I said Novak has a dip at Wimbledon, having won the AO and FO. I guess I’ll stick to that. Seems to make a little sense. We will certainly be following and discussing the tennis as it happens and is about to happen.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “The Wimbledon Draw

  1. Caligula

    Hear, hear! The Nole apologist are out in force, sugar coating this draw as being tough on their beloved lord, and oh noes, a 36-year-old Federer might lose the GOAT crown, and yes these people have the audacity to proclaim Raonic as a threat… Bwahahahaha! Sorry for that, Lendl better start cracking that whip because we need something to happen in Wimbledon!


    1. I hear you and I think we can both agree that such apologists share a point-of-view that is marginal at best, moronic at worst. This kind of bias is embarrassing. I suspect that most Djokovic fans have a little more perspective.

      If Djokovic gets through unscathed, we have a crisis on our hands.

      Given the chances that Novak probably meets Andy in the F (sorry to play spoiler 🙂 the game needs Andy to embrace a dark, near sinister genius to elevate the sport.


      1. Caligula

        Well Djokovic/Federer are off to a OK start, Fed is showing his rust, Novak is cruising.

        I would like to believe that Novak would face increased resistance on the grass, but as you point out, the big hitters Wawrinka/Berdych/Kyrgios are not in his half, making this a cake walk draw IMHO. Raonic is Novak’s bitch, no getting around that, just as Cilic (Lolz) is Novak’s little play toy. We are in the end hoping that Murray plays out of his mind, doesn’t waste a lot of time on court, and can overcome his mental deficiency against the Serb to put an end to his reign of terror.

        As much as that may sound biased, I fear it’s the most accurate description, as there seems to be no one left in the ATP who has the will/proves to finish off the Serb when it really counts, not something we have ever seen in the ATP for the last 30 years or more, it’s a barren wasteland out there, and Novak is sitting at the water hole, sipping without any worries.

        Good old Federer is on his way out, this might be his last Wimbledon, he might prolong the farewell tour to next year, but the writing is on the wall, the legend must retire at some point to avoid the embracement of these younger player who don’t possess an ounce of Federer talent starting to beat him on a consistent level. I pose the Novak foamers (not the rational fans) a question. Do they believe Novak will make Wimbledon finals at an age of 34 years? I can answer that question right away, no he won’t.

        At the first sign of physical injury/fatigue he will fade away quicker than the Swiss Maestro, heck Nadal burned out the fastest, but he also played in an era where everyone (in-form Federer, Prime Novak/Murray/DelPo et al. were physical beasts, he was still the fastest and strongest, no surprise he burned out as fast as he did he had to hold the fort against a very competitive field, what a far cray to Djokovic’s current dominance.
        Looking forward to your upcoming Wimbledon commentary.


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