Lebron James and the NBA Playoffs

Lebron is an interesting guy, to say the least, seemingly craving popularity on the grandest scale while really not having the championship mettle to make that dream a reality. In the end, he seems to lack self-awareness, which are two different things, I suppose. Consequently (1 knowing he desperately wants everyone to love his “brand” while 2 at the same time looking pretty unpolished “at work”), he more or less looks like a dope.

In the video below he is providing some kind of excuse for why or how Toronto has tied the Eastern Conference Finals series at 2-2 when Cleveland should be sweeping these guys, perhaps a five game series at worst. The plot of this difficulty reads pretty much the way all of his championship tribulations read: he does not assert himself at the end in order to win a critical game; he lacks the finishing/clutch DNA of some of the great players of that sport, of any sport. It’s awkward. There are many examples of this kind of underwhelming play from Lebron.

What’s particularly awkward is the way he throws his coaches or teammates under the bus when the media comes calling.  After game three he came-up with a Jay-Z quote, I think, something practically incoherent that probably he hoped would grant him some sort of depth and/or cultural relevance, or just deflect the loss.

Is he a great player? Will Cleveland win this series? Yes and yes. They have a good chance, perhaps, to win it all. But these glimpses of his character are certainly interesting to watch and file-away for the legacy discourse. Or just for entertainment. Here he is referencing how special he is despite Cleveland losing game four, looking very vulnerable in the process against the incredibly over-matched Raptors:

Here’s a great example of this guy’s massive lack of self-awareness.

In the Western Conference Finals, there is a huge game tonight between Golden State and Oklahoma City. The world champs are down 1-2, on the road in a very hostile environment. The Thunder, now under the direction of Billy Donovan, are finding a very potent approach to the game; just ask the San Antonio Spurs. How the Warriors respond tonight, following a near 30-point beatdown in game 3, should be good TV.

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