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Indian Wells is underway, obviously. We will talk about the tennis, but first, here is what a few sources of prognostication said about Nadal at IW (BTW: if you’re wondering about the point of addressing Nadal’s tennis and legacy, hear this: what’s more interesting, Djokovic’s incredible height and domination of the ATP, or the gargantuan fall of a tennis “great” at 28 years of age? Everyone is talking about Djokovic. No one is asking the important questions with regards to Nadal. Why is he such crap? Explain your case. Toni, you explain it, and let’s get beyond “I’m nervous on the court, my breathing, my blah blah blah. . . ” Someone – not a lot of Spanish readers on Matt’s Blog – but someone, explain why this guy is so bad for the past year and a half. This is proof enough of the fraud that is Rafael Nadal. I’m over it. Time to settle-up. Federer full of class at 34, Djokovic playing out of this world tennis, Andy being Andy, Stan, Del Potro. . . all of these men have stories that can be followed, explained, understood. Not a lot of mystery. Nadal is the man of mystery):

According to

“Rafael Nadal Quarter

After a rough start to the year, the last thing Nadal needed was a tough section at Indian Wells. But that’s how the draw came out. Nadal, who hasn’t even beaten a Top 50 player this year, will have recent Rotterdam champion Martin Klizan in the third, then Grigor Dimitrov/Alex Zverev or Gilles Simon the fourth – I like Simon there, and in the quarters he could face Kei Nishikori or perhaps John Isner or Benoit Paire. It’s a tough section and as much as I’d like to see Nadal do well, I need to see him win some tough match over some quality opponents, so for now I like Nishikori over Simon.

The pick: Kei Nishikori”


According to

“Second Quarter

Let the Rafa rumination begin again: Has a player ever inspired as much head-scratching and handwringing as Rafael Nadal has over the last year?  It’s true, though, that he could use a win, or three. He has traditionally done well on the slow courts at Indian Wells, and he counts the event as one of his favorites. But an early loss this year wouldn’t be a shock, and that’s precisely the problem. Nadal will start against either Gilles Muller or Victor Estrella Burgos, and then could face Martin Klizan or Fernando Verdasco, two lefties who have beaten him before.

Nadal’s path won’t get easier after that: Kei Nishikori, John Isner, Grigor Dimitrov and Gilles Simon are all in this section. Nishikori will try again to break his strange, career-long run of mediocrity at Masters events: The world No. 6 has only reached one final at that level. Unfortunately, he’s been even more mediocre at Indian Wells, where his record is 4-7. A player who has had more success there is Isner; he beat Djokovic on his way to the final in 2012, and reached the semis in 2014.

Semifinalist: Isner”


According to

“Rafael Nadal

Aussie first round exit at the hands of compatriot Fernando Verdasco, followed by frustrating South American clay swing.  Granted, his loss in the semis of Buenos Aires came in a third-set tiebreaker loss to the soaring Thiem.  But a week later in Rio, Nadal dropped another three-setter, this time to Pablo Cuevas.  Additional red flag: Thiem and Cuevas both have one-handed backhands, a shot Nadal used to eat for breakfast on clay.  As Nadal points towards Paris, let’s hope at Indian Wells he can show much of the magic that’s helped him win the title there three times.”


That’s what you get these days for #5 in the world. Wow. What treasure trove of class, or greatness.

You know I’m really surprised (took the words right out of my mouth). Get the fuck out of here with this guy Fraudal (that’s it, new nickname, get used it).

Here’s my favorite from French Minister for Health and Sport Roselyne Bachelot from the LA Times.

“We know that Nadal’s famous seven-month injury was without a doubt due to a positive [drug test],” Bachelot said on French TV of Nadal’s hiatus from the sport in 2012. “When you see a tennis player who stops playing for long months, it is because he has tested positive and because they are covering it up. It is not something that always happens, but yes it happens more than you think.”

Look, I say his form now is enough of an indictment. Folks, one isn’t unbeatable in 2013 and then a year or so later he’s crap, either. He has had this kind of inconsistent tennis his entire career, something Bachelot is referring to in that quote.

Fraudal’s stern position against Sharapova is yet another red flag. His remarks about how the sport needs to be clean, she should pay for her negligence, etc., is bullshit.

You know what they call that?  Professionals call that reaction formation. You don’t have to be a professional to read the bullshit in Nadal and his fucked-up camp. Toni (and Spanish interests) are going to sue Bachelot? Go ahead, you big dummy. Your tennis is crap and your nephew has cast a dark and smelly mark on one of the great eras of tennis.


As for IW, I didn’t think there was much to say about the draw. I am quite interested in the young American players, for obvious reasons. Other than some great tennis to be had in the desert, Djokovic should win the tournament.

Some other points of interest include watching Del Potro’s progress. He had, naturally, a tough draw and lost in 2R today to Berdych. Good to see Berdych actually represent. Del Potro is happy to even be playing at this point and we know he’s already had a nice bit of tennis this season. Progress, Gentle Giant, progress.

As you probably know (if you care) another 18 year-old, American Frances Tiafoe beat Taylor Fritz in 1R. They know each other quite well, and I understand Fritz has had a lot of trouble with the 6’2″ Tiafoe in Juniors, so this advantage continues.

I’m very disappointed on one hand and optimistic on the other. This is yet another solid American prospect (teenager) who just broke Goffin back to make it 4-4 in the third set, on serve! Go, Tiafoe!

But I wanted to see the southern Californian, Fritz, make a run here. He needs some success at this 1000 level.

If Tiafoe beats Goffin, we’re in business (Goffin serving 4-5 to stay in the match).

Deep field for sure. Kyrgios is out. Tomic to face Raonic next. A lot of good tennis over the next few days to come, for sure. I will try to post early next week with some thoughts.

Lastly, interesting doubles action seeing Raonic and Isner team-up. Ha!

Verdasco/Nadal lost to the Bryans today in 3 sets. Ho hum.


2 thoughts on “Fraudal

  1. blackspy

    Although your recent articles are quite amusing (for your readers at least) I would advise caution Matt; not so much to prevent a possible lawsuit (Nadal said he would file one against Bachelot) but to avoid being stamped as biased.

    Then again, at the moment public opinion considers Nadal a player with great past but doubtful future. No one defends the Spaniard here,and although I respect his mental strength of old (he doesn’t seem that stable at the moment) I personally don’t sympathize with his one-dimensional game. Losing to Thiem was not alerting for me; the Austrian should be a top player on clay in the years to come. Losing to Cuevas (a consistent dirtballer, mind you) was disturbing: a sign his fear factor is no more and his strategy against one-handers is quite predictable and thus defused. Then again, money can help retain a good physical form in our age, so unless someone else finds some consistent form (Berdych/Nishikori/Thiem?) I insist on my prediction a top position for Nadal (4-5). To sum it up : the aforementioned observation of your friend is on the spot: this is the true level of his tennis talent.

    Now regarding Indian Wells: all things considered, Djokovic should be the favorite here although I’m not sure about his form (recent eye/shoulder ailments) especially in a day match against a good server as the flying balls in the dry dessert air could trouble him. Murray was less of the player we would like to have (again), and Dimitrov made way for the younger generation in the shape of Zverer. Tomic/Coric played well too but Berdych looks solid in that quarter.

    Your thoughts on the Sarapova scandal? It’s just a tree in the forest, an honest mistake due to chronic use of the drug (for medical reasons) or an isolated but clear doping case?


    1. Blackspy, you’re missing my message. What’s my bias? Anti Nadal?

      Objectively speaking he is a one dimensional player with a ton of suspicion surrounding him, through out his career. This is not just my perspective, so this idea that I am biased is absurd. I am looking at the tennis, have watched this game for much longer than he’s been around showcasing his dirtballer tricks and treats. Too many much better games overshadow his “thin” claim at such massive fame.

      You tell me another tennis “great” who has fallen like this? How do you explain Nadal’s form? Forget drug allegations – let’s work from here and go in reverse. Explain his absolute shit form. Seriously, respond and explain his, as you say, “disturbing” form.

      And yes I take that bet. You say he will be top 4-5 at year end. No he will not. You’ve been seduced, my friend. But you’re not alone.

      A lot of people probably read my blog and say, wow he’s biased. They’ve drunk the Fraudal poison, as well.

      He isn’t half the player that the likes of Sampras, Federer or Djokovic are. Look at his tennis, blackspy. Where do you get your rationale for this Nadal optimism.

      He should have been bounced by Mueller in R64 at IW. Hopefully the teenager spanks him, otherwise it will be Isner or Nishikori.

      As for the rest of the field, Thiem or Tsonga on form could give Nole some work, but I think the Serb rolls until he meets a Stan or Milos (I suspect Berdych and Cilic to succumb).

      Nice to see the younger players get some Masters play. The Sock Thiem match looked good. I watched the Tiafoe/Fritz highlights. Very impressive from the OTHER 18 year-old. JohnnyMac and the gang need to get American tennis organized and supported quickly; we have some veritable bombs in the proverbial silo.

      Thanks for the comment, my friend. I hope to see you come around on your Nadal prediction. 😉

      If he gets bounced today or tomorrow (most likely), and with the evidence we already have of his clay form, are you still so optimistic about his 2016?


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