Sure I’m going to highlight one of my themes. Of course. People are buying stock in Nadal 2016. You know who you are. He’s mesmerized a planet. With the help of Nike and anyone else who makes money on that Spaniard’s scowl. I will have a bigger wrap on the three tourneys we’ve been talking about, but I can’t tell you how happy I am with my reading skills. Doha2_2016Love the Federer farewell tour with Ljubicic on board, love the youth movement we’re getting a look at here early and love how Djokovic just rag-dolled everyone’s little man-crush. Those of you who are Federer fans and fear Nadal, read my posts on the myth of that H2H. His level of tennis now is absolutely the truth of that career. This is what you have. He does have the heart of lion, but his tennis is so pedestrian. He faced no one getting to that final. Even the #1 had to play Berdych (Nadal would have had his little Doha2016buddy Ferrer worst case scenario). Djokovic is reality at this point. That final is as real as it gets. Breadsticked and kit-katted.

Question: was the final more about Nole’s tennis or Rafa’s tennis?

2 thoughts on “Breadsticked

  1. Nambi

    I happen to watch this final fully and very surprised how precisely Novak knows Rafa… He is everywhere and used perfect formula and never needed second thoughts… In that sense may we say as is more about Rafa’s tennis? He has to find some thing new to even get into rally on Novak’s serve…I think we can safely say Novak winning matches against Rafa even before matches…

    In Brisbane, finally Roger’s illness caught up in final after very efficient win in SF..Low quality final match from Roger ( some extend Milos too) though I only watched second set….. Not sure how much we need to read in to that… Very good job by Milos by not backing of though….

    Just a week to AO…Nick/ Tomic I (just hunch) think either one of them making into last 8 there.. Let’s see how it goes… Likely known suspects on last 4…


    1. I agree it’s more about Rafa’s tennis. Novak is a bad match-up for Rafa. There is such a thing as bad match-up.

      Agree with your thoughts on Brisbane, too. Either way, it’s time for players to get their acts together now.


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