Group Nasty

Even a mere tennis fan knows the kind of free pass Nadal got from the WTF administration.  Getting put into a group with two of the most inconsistent “heavy weights” on the tennis planet is, well, a way to get Nadal into matches with higher stakes.

Stan is down 1-4 in the first to Ferrer, who just consolidated his break as I write this sentence.  Is Stan going to mount some kind of resistance to this Spanish inquisition?  Ridiculous.

Here’s what someone caught the world #2 doing vs. Nadal.  Group Nastase is something else.  Bravo.

Thank God for Roger and Novak.  There is beauty in the world of a SHBH and DHBH variety.

Update: Did not see the match, but Stan returns from a 2-5 deficit and cruises to the finish in just over 1:30.  We have some order restored in the WTF round-robin action.  Well done, Stan.

Nadal appears to have officially won Group Nastase.  Looks like the Wawrinka v Murray match will be fairly consequential.


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