Rob Krar vs. a blogger. . . who ya got?

Let’s just get this out front: a blogger is indicating that Rob Krar should be DQed from LT100 because Krar went off trail and didn’t deal with the mishap the way it should have been handled.  There is so much in that sentence, I might not get to it all.  This “controversy” is so ultra.  A blogger is narcing on the winner of a big mountain 100 miler.  That this has ANY traction at all is all the evidence we need to throw-in the towel on the ballyhooed progress of ultra running; in perfect ultra pitch, no doubt that in this sterling example of investigative journalism, someone once again uttered “This [Rob Krar incident] is a great topic as the sport gains credibility.”  LOL.

(And so much for writing another bad ass commentary on the schizophrenic nature of this culture of activity that FF and I have been arguing for years ((In this case, the two primary personalities squared-off: elite athlete vs. the blogger.  Who ya got?)) No need for me to go too long-winded since some voices of reason have recently joined-in and effectively told the trolls of this controversy to STFUP.  Go check it out.)

But just a couple of points before I go (crack another beer):  Two first principles I’ve been piloting for some time sit atop this entire non-issue, brought to us by a blogger who has nothing to add to the discourse other than I love Leadville and Fuck Rob Krar.  That’s all you got?  STFUP.

Principle one: the 100 is unsustainable but for the spectacle of some incredible endurance achievements by some great runners/mountaineers.  We can all recall several examples.  For the everyman, come on.  IMHO, such an endeavor is unhealthy, irresponsible, speaks of poor judgement, etc.  I have explained my position on this before.  Reading some recent LT100 reports made me uncomfortable.  I felt bad for these night hikers who stumbled and vomited their ways to the cut-off.    

This principle is underscored in today’s blog event because beyond the questionable motives, the whole idea of tying some kind of letter of the law to a mountain 100 miler seems pretty sophomoric.  That’s not the point at all is it?  I remember hearing how one runner had sex with his girl friend at an aid station before returning to the trail to finish his 100 (hell, it was probably 2 in the morning).  My cousin Vinnie took a four hour nap beneath an oak tree at mile 86.  One time another runner saved my buddy’s life, giving him gear to avoid freezing to death.  This is a strict letter of the law kind of event?  It’s a hike for most people.  This vigilante crap we saw today is schizophrenic too: laughable and sad.

Principle two: To determine what’s right or wrong, don’t overthink it; use the eye-test. The aforementioned blog shit show is one of two things: a grab at attention or an example of some kind of parochial special needs.  Krar cheated? He ran more mileage and vert than the official course.  Do some quick math and think about where you are before you open your pie hole. You are so ultra.  I remember someone looking pretty retarded when they suggested that Geoff Roes’ dad came beyond the determined marker crew are allowed to deliver aid.  Exactly.  I’m not going to edit that sentence because it perfectly captures the stupidity.  Isn’t the whole ethos of ultra NOT to take things too seriously?  The selective thinking that sounds like Law and Order episodes (among the blogging peloton) is farcical. The author of the shit show wasn’t exactly in the mix so how does this whole thing affect him?  He owns a house in Leadville?  Wants the best for the sport?  Got it.  Easy that you don’t push the best part of ultra off the stage and we’re left with . . . never mind.


2 thoughts on “Rob Krar vs. a blogger. . . who ya got?

  1. In other news, after Max’s wife was placed in rehab and filed for divorce, Max and Luther announced their long held secret relationship and, in public celebration and in matching Ink n Burn outfits, Luther paced Max at Leadville in a heroic 29:59 finish overcoming the harshness and obstacles of the race, symbolizing their personal struggles to be together. They plan to organize a race in 2015; the Brokeback Gorge 100. Stay tuned.


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