Maybe resurrection helps characterize some events that happened in 2013 and what can transpire in 2014.

1.  From anonymity came the winged beast that calls itself Rob Krar.  So, at the beginning of 2013 he was, basically, unknown and now he’s UROY?  Really?  Were there signs, messages lain in sanskrit for the sport’s wise to predict such a conversion?  That’s right: Rob Krar is ultra’s newest messiah.  He emerges from the unseen, he’s humble.  He turns the status quo, the norms of a culture on its head.  And it’s the way he did it.  In June, the stars aligned for him to rough-up the palace of ultra running.  In the presence of the President of Ultra and his royal court. . . boom.  WS100 is staring down the barrel of a low 14:xx CR from the tribe of Krar.  2013 results aside, what’s to come from this bearded runner.  And that’s the key – he’s a runner.  He was a 1500 meter guy.  The tribe of Krar can sniff the seas of change rising on the shores of ultra running.  From a competitive side, we haven’t seen the full monty, but the likes of the tribe of Krar will be emerging from the ashes of metamorphosis and wreaking havoc on Ma and Pa and all them soccer moms.

2.  If we continue to behold our spiritual apprehension of Ultra, maintain that strength in belief, we may be rewarded: Krar v Roes.  Now, it’s tough to imagine Roes coming back to full strength with enough base and seasoned fitness to battle the beard, but a guy can dream.  In a way, Krar is the resurrection of Roes.  As I have documented ad nauseam despite the dingle-berries of illiteracy, Roes is, in many respects, the GOAT.  He’s the Barry Sanders of ultra.  He left early but established his legacy.  But unlike Sanders, maybe he returns.  The news of his health is in all fans’ stockings this past Xmas holiday.  Pacing at SF50 in December?  Watching it all go down with his own eyes?  Let this help fuel the flames of his second coming.  May we all be saved.

3. A friend of mine and I bet a growler on the WS race with our picks.  No kidding, he had Olson and I had Morton. I was feeling it late with one trailside tweet that reported Morton as looking fresh and ready to close the deal. Either way, a great history lesson for the sport to see one of the sport’s early 100 milers resurface and give everyone a little scare on such a big stage.  Hats off to Morton for his running and his service to our country!

4. I know why Leor Pantilat makes all of those great adventure runs/hikes into the various beautiful California backcountry.  So he can curse Dave Mackey beyond earshot.  27 year-old v 45 year-old.  Mackey is the man.  I wouldn’t doubt that some saw this giant of the sport fading toward that consistent top 5 – 10, which is indeed a move from his typical residency at the top.  His Quad Dipsea result, along with a top ten finish at SF50 a couple of weeks later, puts a nice finish on a solid year.  But the QD result was resurrection material.  Just nice to see DM on top again.  Here’s to more of that in 2014!

5. Me.


In the coming days we will turn our attention to events unfolding in international mountain running and Skyrunning. Feel free to peruse the “The Past” (archives) to see what that entails.  Time to captain the good-ship lollypop once again as we fly beyond these great American shores.  I can feel that competition getting ready to boil, or that’s my third espresso.  Bye for now.

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