And so it begins again. 2014 . . .

There is something to this turning the clock, or the calendar and a sense of starting fresh. I have been actually working pretty hard at my night job – I’m a pimp – so the blogging has been in the trunk, so to speak, which I can hear now and then beating on the inside of the back of my vehicle.  For a while I’ve thought this is where you belong –  blogging –  mouth gagged, limbs bound and the whole lot of you left to wrestle with your suspect credibility in the trunk of my “car.”

My other blog, the original (sorta) has been dormant too.

The more recent and valiant efforts with a former colleague can be accessed here on this site over on the left. Really all of my articles from Inside Trail are here, in the Archives, which I have called for the time being The Past.  I would still have that site had I let the former colleague continue to wander around aimlessly. But we started podcasting. Those weren’t too bad, but I let that go too because I said what I needed to say with that guy. Haven’t listened to any of his podcasts since, but can only imagine how grand they are in character and insight and emotion.

So, this is my own endeavor: it’s Matt’s Blog. My email address is mcshowATgmail, which I’ve had for a long time. So, yeah, this is the mcshow.  Welcome.

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